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SC Road 18 Bridge Closing May Impact Football Game Traffic

A bridge on SC Road 18 in Central is currently closed due to a structural issue causing the middle of the bridge to sink approximately one foot.  If you are traveling from Hwy 123 towards Clemson from Easley you will be able to take the exit ramp and turn right towards the Central Wal-Mart shopping center.  If your typical route to the game is along Hwy 88 towards Pendleton you will not be able to turn right onto Rd 18 towards Hwy 123.  You will need to continue on Hwy 88 into Pendleton or take another route off Hwy 88 to avoid this bridge closing.

Additionally, as you leave the game you will not be allowed to take the ramp off of Hwy 123 and turn right onto Rd 18 toward Hwy 88.

Additional Information & Detailed Map:The South Carolina Department of Transportation (SCDOT) is providing a detailed map showing the 8.6 mile detour due to the bridge closure in Pickens County on S. 18 (also known as 18 Mile Road) which crosses 18 Mile Creek near the US 123 interchange.

The closure is due to piling problems that have caused the bridge deck to sink about one foot. The location is about seven miles east of the City of Clemson. An SCDOT crew responding to a report about the bridge just before midnight Monday discovered the pilings and bridge deck problems. The decision was made to close the structure and a section of the road between US 123 and SC 88.

Those attending Clemson’s Homecoming football game this coming Saturday should take note of how the detour may impact their routes to the game.

The map of the detour is available for download at the following web address:

Photos are also available for download: