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SAAC Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2009

Dinner: 6:45 p.m.

Dr. Loreto Jackson: • Mandatory Program for all student-athletes on Monday, Feb 2nd at 7:30 pm in Tillman. Speaker is Dan Doyle, the first speaker in the bi-annual Jack Shaw Ethics and Leadership Series • Monday, Feb. 2nd all SAAC members are invited to attend a leadership training session (lunch included) from 12:00-1:30 pm with Dan Doyle. Please respond to Ginty’s e-mail confirming your attendance.

Mike Freeman: Overview of Thank-a-Thon • FOOTBALL, ROWING, BASEBALL HELPED OUT TREMENDOUSLY and SAAC would like to thank you! • Think about Thank-A-Thon becoming a FALL and SPRING event for next year.

Callie Boyd: Budget cuts and opportunities • Another Budget Cut of 41.2 Million dollars starting Fall Semester might go into play (coming from out state governor)(This is NOT 100% yet I don’t think) • $200 dollar increase will be given to each students tuition start in the Fall and the students will then have a cap on student tuition, meaning it will be on set price and cannot go up and down. (This is NOT into play yet, but an idea from the board) • Please E-Mail Callie Boyd with ANY personal opinions on how you think Clemson could budget better, or any personal ideas your have that helps you budget and share them with her. • The Board is thinking about Revising Resident Visitation Policy to 3am-8am.

Becky Bowman: Update on Student-Athlete Opportunity Fund • The Student opportunity fund that we were pushing CANNOT happen anymore, being that we as Clemson are going through these budget cuts. • Although, ALL incoming freshman WILL receive a full scholarship their first summer session before FALL semester starts, to help Clemson compete with other schools, and also give the Freshman a great Kick Start on their college experience with their grades and etc. (This was an Administrative Decision)

Rachel Regone: Be a T.I.G.E.R.! community field day • April 11, 2009 is BE A TIGER!! WE NEED A LOT OF HELP WITH THIS ACTIVITY!!!!! • Please contact Stephanie, and Morgan by email with any Help! THANK YOU!

Jason Chatlosh: Update on student-athlete philanthropy dance • As of now, There will BE a dance, but it will be after the first Athletic Picnic, once everyone meets the old/new coaches and etc. • The Old Dance Committee will now be over the new idea of the “Community Get Together”.

Ashley Clay: Update on Tiger Talk • Tiger Talk is sent out every Thursday, so please catch up on your comversations with your buddies if you have not yet done so. Thank You!

Rachel Regone: Committee meetings

Ginty Porter: Additional items

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