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SAAC Meeting Minutes

March 16, 2009

Dinner: 6:45 p.m.

Rachel Regone: SAAC in ACCtion

Corey Brown: Update on ACC Conference call • We Want ANY Ideas for the ACC Conference-Wide Community Service Project.

Linda White: Be a T.I.G.E.R.! community field day • We need to Keep it Up! Stay INVOLVED!!! • Contact Linda White if anyone calls and asks you to come speak for someone, at a school, or ANYTHING, so that it will be legit. VERY IMPORTANT BECAUSE ITS NCAA RULES!!! • 5 tables set up for the Be A Tiger, More Fun Educational events going on. • NEED AROUND 100 STUDENT ATHLETES to come out and participate. • Make the event smarter than last year, and WE NEED TO PROMOTE!!!

Jason Chatlosh: Update on the Solid Orange Benefit • New Name is Officially SOLID ORANGE BENEFIT! • Event is still into play, looking for a band, funds, etc. • This event would need EVERYONES HELP!!! • This Event is taking the place for relay for life, you will get an email within 1week!! • Need ideas and new ways to Market this…April 25th 2009 is the Target Date!!!

Callie Boyd: Feb. 17th Rally and Ticket Distribution • All Students are getting together and going down to the Columbia Courthouse to Rally in basis of the budget cuts and WE NEED YOU THERE! On February 17th 2009 (NEXT TUESDAY)!! • 38 Million dollars have already been cut, and another 38 million will be cut in the near future. • 41.2 Million dollars of cuts has been proposed by the governor for Clemson Universities Budget cuts. • An Email will be sent out to your professors from our President asking for all students and faculty SUPPORT!! • THIS IS VERY IMPORTANT, So if you can GET INVOLVED!!!!! • THINK ABOUT OUR TICKET SYSTEM and GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK ON SWITCHING THE TICKET SYSTEM FROM TRADITIONAL OR NEW ONLINE SYSTEM!!! • Camp Out? Online System? General Admission? What do you think works best….? THINK ABOUT IT AND GIVE YOUR FEEDBACK TO CALLIE BOYD!! Thanks!

Trey Robinson: Student Government President nominee • TOP PRIORITY IS TO MAKE THE STUDENT BODY HAPPY!!!!! • Get ONLINE to read the Minutes from the Student Government Meeting!! • Go to his Website,

Corey Brown: Sportsmanship Awards • Next Meeting we NEED to Nominate 1 Male/1 Female Student Athlete!!! • PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! Come in with Someone for the March Meeting!! • We Need to THINK about the Recognition of the sportsmanship award!!

Rachel Regone: SAAC membership and office nominations • Rachel has the people who are going to be graduating in May in her Records.


Rachel Regone: Committee meetings

Nominees: Male – Miller Moss (Track) Male – C.J Spiller (Football/Track)