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SA Performance Parent Notification




Clemson University Athletic Department is committed to the development, education and success of student-athletes. 

The Department encourages personal responsibility and accountability, and wishes to respect the rights and privileges due to student-athletes, the majority of which are adults.  The Department also recognizes that the input and involvement of parents and guardians can have a significant impact on the success and decision-making of student-athletes.  Therefore, it is the position of the Department that, on occasion, the decision may be made to inform parents and guardians of issues and events affecting student-athletes.  Such instances may involve illegal or criminal activity, incidents impacting the health and safety of the student-athlete, and any other issue that may affect their participation as a student-athlete, or enrollment as a student of Clemson University.

Student-athletes will be made aware of this policy through completion of the form entitled:  “Student-Athlete Authorization / Consent for Disclosure of Educational Records”.