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– All freshmen student-athletes are expected to stay on campus and use the unlimited meal plan. – After the fall semester of the freshman year, student-athletes living on campus, may request for the following academic year, to live off campus provided they present:

– Recommendation of the Vickery Hall academic advisor, head coach, and sports supervisor – Minimum of 2.3 overall grade-point-average; and – Proof of transportation

– Student-athletes wishing to exercise this option must obtain the Off Campus Request Form from their academic advisor with whom they will discuss the impact of their grades upon this request. – The academic advisor will forward the form to the head coach who will make a recommendation and forward to the sports’ supervisor. – Requests must be completed by the University Housing deadline, which will be announced each year. – In some circumstances, a student-athlete who does not meet the off-campus requirements may be permitted to move off.  In these cases, the student-athlete must develop a plan of action with their academic advisor, coach, and sports supervisor, and agree to meet its conditions if they wish to remain off campus for the next academic year. – Failure of student-athletes to fulfill conditions for off-campus living may result in their return to on-campus housing and meals the next academic year.