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SA Performance Athlete Conduct




The members of the Clemson University Student-Athlete Advisory Board (SAAC) developed the following statemen:

As a valued member of the Clemson athletic department, I will use my talents to attain a quality education and earn a degree. Although time commitments are demanding during the athletic season, I will remain academically eligible, attend class, inform professors of expected absences due to official athletic events, maintain academic honesty, and make maximum use of Vickery Hall and its programs.

As a member of Clemson University’s athletics family, I will responsibly represent, with integrity, the values, traditions, and people of Clemson University. As a Clemson University student-athlete, I will display good sportsmanship, know and follow NCAA and ACC guidelines, obey team rules and policies, and always give 100 percent effort to positively represent Clemson University on the field, in the classroom, and in my daily life.