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Apr 13, 2018

Rowing Completes Day One of Clemson Invitational


CLEMSON, S.C. ­– Fourth-place finishes by the Tiger 2V4A and 2V8 highlighted the first day of competition at the sixth annual Clemson Invitational. The event features 21 teams, including Clemson, from across the country, with eight of the teams being ranked in the top 20 and five more receiving votes in the most recent CRCA/USRowing poll.

Action began with the 3V8, and Julia Suplick coxswained her crew to a time of 7:03.76. The 2V4 came next, and Clemson fielded boats in both heats. The A entry featured Megan Kauffeld as coxswain, and her boat’s time of 7:21.14 was only bettered by No. 4 Ohio State, No. 17 Indiana and Duke and finished ahead of No. 20 Oklahoma. The B entry, led by coxswain Sarah Adams, finished in 8:05.72.

The 1V4, coxswained by Katie Herbolsheimer, had a solid result for the Tigers, crossing the finish in a fifth-place time of 7:20.45. The Erin Murphy-led 2V8 came next, taking fourth place in its heat with a time of 6:33.19. Clemson competition wrapped up with the first heat of the 1V8, where Emily Goff led her boat to a time of 6:41.61.

Racing continues tomorrow at 8:30 a.m., and the event will conclude with an evening finals session from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. followed by awards and senior day ceremonies.

Coxswain: Julia Suplick; 8: Sophia Porach; 7: Camille Beck; 6: Bridget Kane; 5: Jessica Withycombe; 4: Maya Roberts; 3: Brooke Leech; 2: Samantha Nichols; 1: Caitlyn Raber

Coxswain: Megan Kauffeld; 4: Emily Ash; 3: Maura Chozick; 2: Kelsey Sox; 1: Hannah Maeser

Coxswain: Sarah Adams; 4: Kenzie Fisher; 3: Erin Belmar; 2: Mary Sales; 1: Juliette Gammel

Coxswain: Katie Herbolsheimer; 4: Catherine Schrieber; 3: Isabella Beckler; 2: Rebecca Pulsifer; 1: Rachel Mumau

Coxswain: Erin Murphy; 8: Emily Radziwon; 7: Elise Sum; 6: Sarah Decker; 5: Catherine Smith; 4: Rachel Salvia; 3: Taylor Knorr; 2: Katelyn Kerrick; 1: Rebecca Simonetti

Coxswain: Emily Goff; 8 Kaley Wojciechowski; 7 Aliute Udoka; 6 Amber Rewis; 5 Jenny D’Anthony; 4 Julia Meredith; 3 Amelia Shein; 2 Isla McRae; 1 Makenna Farr