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Roscoe Crosby Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Roscoe Crosby Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Aug. 16, 2001

Below are Roscoe Crosby’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Roscoe for his time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.

Choice Clip – 08/16/01 Roscoe Crosby (:24)

Roscoe, Welcome to Clemson!! Which veteran and rookie do you look forward to playing with the most and a little bit about why?Teresa L. Johnson Anderson, SC

I am really looking forward to playing with Airese Curry, because we knew each other coming in. I think he is a great receiver. I am just glad that I am going to get the change to look across the other side of the ball and see him lined up with me. As far as veterans, I am excited about playing with guys like Woody and Travis Zachary. I’ve seen the way they play and they go hard every play, so I’m looking forward to that.

Roscoe, Tiger fans are elated in the confidence that you have placed in Clemson’s football program. Thank you for becoming a Tiger. Tell us you first impression of the offensive line. Who and what stands out to you and why?Roger D Cranford Blythewood, SC

Well, a lot of different guys stand out on the offensive line. Basically, the size and the way they move. The offensive line is a big part of this offense, I knew that coming in which was a big reason I wanted to come here.

Hey Roscoe, Welcome to Tiger Town. We are delighted to have you with us and we are looking for great things for you and your teammates. Of all the choices you had given you regarding where you could have played ball, what lit your fire about the Tigers? Tell the world why your blood runneth orange!John Caudle Columbia, SC

Basically, I knew that my family could come see me play a lot and they throw the ball a lot, so being a wide receiver coming out of high school we basically ran the same offense so it just seemed like it was a perfect fit for me. And I just thought it was a great college town, so basically, that was the reason why I became a Tiger.

Roscoe, First off thank you for choosing Clemson. I’m flying out for the first game from SoCal and look forward to seeing you out there in Orange! Question: As a highly regarded recruit, what’s your assessment of Coach Stock as a recruiter? Is he a big part of the reason you chose Clemson? Good luck and GO TIGERS!!Brian Martin San Diego, CA

Most definitely. Coach Stockstill came into my home and my family and everybody loved him. I knew that he was going to be my coach, and I thought that I could learn abundantly from Coach Stockstill. He was probably one of the biggest reasons why I did choose Clemson.

Roscoe, I played for Coach Mike Anthony at Easley, and I think he’s a great coach. What effect did he have on your career?Aaron Turmon Liberty, SC

He taught me a lot. Whatever problems I had, I knew I could always go talk to him. No matter what, it just seemed like he was watching over us. He was like our daddy at school. I give a lot of thanks out to Coach Anthony.

Roscoe, What do you consider to be your greatest strength and asset speed? size? vertical jump? Tim Hackett Columbia, SC

Probably instincts. Instinct and vision. I see so much of the field when I am running. I’m thinking all the time when I’m out there and feel that my instincts are my best strength out there.

Welcome, Roscoe! In your opinion, what has been the hardest part of adjusting to college football?John Stillwell Greenville, SC

The two-a-days. It has to be the two-a-days. Getting up early in the morning, going out twice a day, working hard. When you step into the college thing, I’ve got to say myself, I really wasn’t expecting all that has come. But like I said, I’m just staying strong, and I’ve been able to work through it.

Hey Roscoe, Just wanted to let you know how much respect I and all the Clemson faithful have for you sticking with your commitment to be a Tiger. My question is, at what moment during the recruiting process, did you realize you were %100 sure you wanted to be a “Tiger”? Thanks for your time.Brian Blackmon Travelers Rest, SC

I would probably say it was about two days before signing day. I talked to my family then, and they stood behind me. Honestly, I wasn’t real sure until then, but then I just kept trying to keep praying, and talking with my family to make sure that I was making the right decision to choose Clemson.

Roscoe, I am familiar with your athletic skills and goals. As an educator, I want to know your educational goal while you are a student athlete at Clemson University. Gay Carpenter Anderson, SC

While here at Clemson, I really want to keep a good GPA. Right now, I’m thinking about sports a whole lot, so it’s tough. And if I do get a chance to come out early, I would definitely come back and get my degree. As far as a major, I am thinking about going into Management in the Business College, but I am not sure.

Roscoe, You will obviously come in and be respected by all with your athletic prowess. Do you believe however, that you will find somewhat of a mentor on this year’s team? Also, my bet is you score a touchdown against Central Florida. Probably the first time you get the ball.William Bland Spartanburg, SC

Well, I am just hoping that I can come in and keep performing. And I always thought that as long as I keep performing, that I’ll gel with the team. They’ll bring me in under their wing. With me, even when I was young as a 10th and 11th grader, I was looked up on as a leader. But as far as mentor, I look at a lot of different people at every positions. Just the way they handle things. It is just something that I pay attention to.

Roscoe, What’s been the most difficult challenge that you’ve had to face after becoming somewhat wealthy overnight by just signing a million plus dollar contract and coming from a small town where the incomes are fairly low? Billy Murphy Union, SC

The only thing I did was just keep praying. I just asked God to keep a level head on my shoulders and that is pretty much what He did. I kind of didn’t let the money thing get to me. The only thing I want to do is take care of my family and keep having fun playing sports.

Roscoe, Which Clemson coach acts most like Coach Gregory of Union? Who acts most like Coach Anthony? Who acts most like Me? (Coach Jenkins) Tell Kyle Hello. I love you my friend. Best of Luck!Coach Charlie Jenkins Union, SC

I would say that Coach Allison acts the most like Coach Anthony. I don’t believe I’ve seen anybody up here yet that acts like coach Gregory. And I would say that the trainers act the most like you (Coach Jenkins). Coach Jenkins is all mellowed-out and always takes care of your needs and try get you anything.

Roscoe, How do you think it will feel running down “The Hill” for the first time in front of 80,000 screaming, die hard tiger fans, a dream we all have?Anthony Slack Greenwood, SC

I kind of think about it a lot. But at this time I can’t really say because I’ve never run down “The Hill” in front of 80,000 fans. So, no telling what it is going to be like.

See y’all September 1st. Go Tigers! Roscoe Crosby

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” will be incoming freshman shooting guard for Larry Shyatt’s Tigers, Chey Christie.