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Q&A With Christian Harris

Q&A With Christian Harris

Christian Harris, from Hilton Head, SC, will begin his junior season of collegiate tennis action when the Clemson men’s tennis team opens the spring season on Saturday, Jan. 16 against Mercer in Charlotte, N.C. Last season was strong for Harris, finishing with an overall record of 10-4 and claiming the Division III Singles title at the Southern Intercollegiate Championships. Prior to Clemson Harris was ranked by at #50. caught up with Harris earlier this week.

Q. Why did you choose Clemson?

A. I really liked the coaches, the environment and the team chemistry that the tam showed when I visited.  I really enjoy how close this group of guys is, we do everything together and it has turned into more than just being teammates.

Q. What are your goals and predictions for this upcoming season?

A. Our main goal is to make it to the Sweet 16 in the NCAA Tournament. We would also like to host regionals here as well, Clemson hasn’t done that in a while and we would like to get Clemson back to the top. We worked hard this fall and we feel confident, taking the right steps to succeed our goals.

Q. Is there one person in your life that has played a big role in your tennis career?

A. Yeah, my mom and dad. They have supported every decision I have made when it comes to tennis. They have paved a good foundation for me and have led me in the right direction. They are definitely the two people I look up to the most.

Q. Can you describe what it is like to be a student athlete?

A. It is tough, from the time you wake up to the time you lay your head back down you have your entire day planned out for you. You do no have much spare time but when I am finished and look back at this, I will be happy that I made the decision to play collegiate tennis and attend Clemson University.