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Publicity Rules for Prospective Student-Athletes

Publicity Rules for Prospective Student-Athletes

Recruiting quality prospective student-athletes are the livelihood for any program.  The recruiting process has become a major part not only for coaches but also for the media, institution’s fans and supporters.  It is not uncommon for fans to track the status of prospective student-athletes from media outlets and celebrate a verbal “non-binding” commitment.  We even have a top 25 recruiting poll, which rates the institution’s incoming prospective student-athlete class.

As we approach the National Letter of Intent signing period on November 8-15 for all sports except football and soccer, this is a good time to educate our supporters on the NCAA recruiting publicity rules.  NCAA rules are very clear and attempt to minimize the amount of publicity and pressure that are placed on prospects during the recruiting process.

Clemson University is prohibited from:

  1. making public comments on the prospective student-athletes athletic ability or contribution might make to the team;
  2. rating a prospect student-athlete for media, scouting or recruiting services;
  3. permitting the presence of media during any recruiting contact made by a coaching staff member;
  4. interviewing a prospective student-athlete during a broadcast or telecast of Clemson’s game;
  5. publicizing or arranging publicity of a prospective student-athlete’s visit to Clemson University or acceptance of a athletic scholarship offer;
  6. introducing prospective student-athletes at games or functions open to the general public;
  7. allowing a prospective student-athlete or their family members to participate in activities that would make the media or public aware of their presence on campus; and
  8. purchasing or receiving commercial advertising (i.e. print, media, or billboard) to be used to identify a prospective student-athlete’s name or picture.

PleaserememberthatNCAArulesprohibitboosters,fansandsupportersfrombeinginvolvedinanyprospectivestudent-athleterecruitingactivities. IfyoueverhaveaquestionregardinghowNCAArulesmayaffectaprospectorstudent-athlete,donothesitatetocalltheComplianceOfficeat(864)656-1580oremailat  ThankyouforyourcontinuedsupportandcooperationtoensurefullcompliancewithNCAArules.