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Prospective Students

Clemson University is pleased you are interested in becoming a Tiger. We are proud to offer one of the top academic and intercollegiate athletic programs in the country and continually strive to improve our program.

There are 19 varsity sports teams and approximately 450 student-athletes. Nine men’s teams compete in football, basketball, cross country, indoor and outdoor track, baseball, tennis, soccer, and golf. On the women’s side, nine teams compete in volleyball, basketball, cross country, indoor and outdoor track, rowing, tennis, soccer, diving, and golf.

Your decision to apply to Clemson is the first step on your journey to becoming a Clemson Tiger. Visit Clemson’s Office of Admissions for further information.
With a wide array of campus facilities and programs, Clemson is designed to enhance a student’s entire educational experience. Learn more about Academics at Clemson here.

Degree Program and Contacts
Clemson University has 80 undergraduate programs and 110 graduate programs. For further information see the list of Clemson degree programs. More information can be found at the Clemson University Office of the Registrar.

Athletic Financial Aid (Scholarship)
Athletic scholarships are awarded on an annual basis.
· Athletic scholarships may be renewed, reduced or withdrawn at the conclusion of each academic year. Visit Clemson’s Office of Financial Aid for further information.
· Prior to initial enrollment, all student-athletes are permitted to attend 2nd summer session. You must notify your coach if you choose to attend.

The Immersion program helps acclimate freshmen student-athletes to the academic demands of college and Clemson University. Freshmen meet with Athletic Academic Services staff members during their first semester to build beneficial skills and relationships to set them up for a successful college experience.

Housing Services
Making Clemson your home is an exciting part of your first-year experience. Clemson’s Department of Residential Life is committed to assisting you in this transition. Please know that coaches have team rules regarding housing and dining services for first year student athletes.

Dining Services
Visit Clemson Dining Services for more information on campus dining and meal plans, or check with your coach.
Disability Services
Students with documented disabilities have full access to Clemson in many ways, including: using assistive technology, note taking services, the Test Proctoring Center or any number of other accommodations that give students an even academic playing field. Students with both invisible and visible disabilities can be eligible for services. Visit Disability Services for further information.

Parking Services
Everyone (excluding visitors who park in metered spaces) must obtain and display a permit to park anywhere on campus at any time. A parking permit must be displayed by students that come to campus after hours or on weekends. Visit Parking Services for further information.