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Priority Point System


Priority Point System


Fall 2003

IPTAY Collegiate Club members will have the opportunity to earn priority points, which will be used for basketball seating assignment and awards. Here is an explanation of the points system:

General points assignment: Initial $30 contribution = 30 points Every dollar donated above $30 = 1/2 point Each year renewed = 30 points Each designated Olympic sporting event = 10 points Each meeting or social event attended = 5 points


Olympic Sporting Events
Date Day Sport Opponent Time Location
Aug 29 Fri. Women’s Soccer South Carolina TBA Riggs Field
Sept 9 Tues. Volleyball South Carolina TBA Jervey Gym
Oct 5 Sun. Men’s Soccer South Carolina TBA Right Field

* To receive credit for attending these events you must pick up an attendance form before the event begins and turn it in when the event is over. Pick these forms up from the IPTAY Priority Point Committee. In the event that you have not received your IPTAY card, just put your full name on the form. Please, wear your IPTAY Collegiate Club t-shirt to all of these events.

**Ticket assignment for basketball games will be based on point accumulation. There are 754 seats designated for the IPTAY Collegiate Club.