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Powell’s Point No. 12

Feb. 28, 2000

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Journal Entry #12, February 28, 2000

Well, sorry for the long delay between entries, school work has been piling up. What a great win yesterday! The game was very exciting and it was definitely a team win.

So many people stepped up to get the win. Will played another great game, but not all scoring. He did a great job getting the ball to people in a position to score, rebounding and defensively on Anthony Grundy. Edward also had a great game. He did an excellent job running the offense and handling their pressure. Adam, Chucky and Ray all did a great job inside with North Carolina State’s athletic post players.

Then there is Andrius. What a game! Juice had six 3s and did a great job taking the pressure off of Will and Ed on the perimeter. This was our first conference road win and it was the most exciting game for us as a team all year. To be down at half time and then to be down 10 with only seven minutes and then to come back and win, I think says a lot about our team and its character. And then there is how we won, free throws. N.C. State missed one of two, but then we came back to the other end and Andrius made a one and one.

North Carolina State’s new arena was very impressive, as impressive as any I have ever been to. I think it is much nicer than the Charlotte Coliseum, and I didn’t even get to see the concourse area. It was not Reynolds Coliseum though, but it was very nice. I wonder if they are going to name it or continue to call it the Entertainment and Sports Arena? I would personally like to see them dedicate the building to the late Jim Valvano, who did so much for that school and their basketball program.

We close the regular season this weekend with a home game against Duke and on the road at Georgia Tech. The Duke game will definitely be exciting. They are coming off another home loss, this time to St. John’s, so they will be ready to play when they get here. The game against Georgia Tech is also very important, because if we don’t win Wednesday, then if we win Saturday, we finish seventh in the conference. This is a very exciting week and I think we will play very well.