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Powell’s Point #9

Feb. 11, 2000

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Journal Entry #9, February 11, 2000

Another disappointing road loss. Will Solomon played another exceptional game in the loss at Wake Forest on Tuesday night. He scored 29 points and did a great job along with Ed Scott running the offense. Will also did a great job on the defensive end on Robert O’Kelley.

Will Solomon is a very entertaining player to watch. When he is in the zone, every shot looks like it is going in and normally does. You can almost always tell from the bench that it is going in when he releases the ball. With the league season almost over and Will still leading the league in points per game, he is making a very strong case to be All-ACC this season.

The Florida State game is very important Saturday. Georgia Tech beat Virginia Wednesday night, giving them three conference victories. We need a victory to keep pace with the Yellow Jackets to remain out of the #1 versus #9 game on the Thursday of the ACC Tournament. It is amazing that we are already talking about the ACC Tournament, but it is only a month away.

Some very interesting things are going to happen I think before we gather in Charlotte. North Carolina is definitely playing better as of late. I really thought that we would beat them this past Sunday, but then they came down and played very good to beat us. But then even more surprising, they went to North Carolina State on Wednesday, where the Wolfpack were 14-0, and beat State soundingly. Another surprise on Wednesday was Maryland going into Duke and snapping their home and conference win streaks. North Carolina State and Virginia must pick up the pieces this weekend or they will find it tough to stay in the top of the league with perennial powers Duke, North Carolina and Maryland.