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Powell’s Point #3

Jan. 12, 2000

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Journal Entry #3, January 12, 2000

We are currently in Tallahassee, Florida preparing for the Florida State Seminoles. We are coming off of a close loss at home to Wake Forest. The loss was very disappointing because we had a chance to put ourselves in a very good position in terms of the Atlantic Coast Conference race. It is very important to win your home games in this conference. The successful teams in this conference protect their home court and then get as many road wins as possible. But tonight is another chance to improve and make a statement by getting an impressive road win.

Florida State is an improved team last year with a roster that includes several athletic players. Leading the Seminoles is Ron Hale. Hale had a very good game against us in Tallahassee last season and led the Seminoles to a win that we needed.

The Seminoles are 1-0 in the conference after a very impressive win at Wake Forest. In that game Hale led the Seminoles to a big come from behind win with 37 points. It will be tough to stop Hale, but slowing him down will be a key to a victory tonight.

Our team continues to improve both on and off the floor. Our offense showed signs of improvements late in the Wake Forest game through a combination of inside and outside shots. The team is also improving health wise. Dustin Braddick looked very impressive in an individual workout with Jeff Watkinson this morning at practice. His return should not be far away. Ed Scott’s foot continues to improve as his speed and movement continues to increase. Andrius Jurkunas’ hand is getting much better and it has shown in his shooting in practice. He should soon be able to go without a cast.

Things are looking much better as we prepare for a big game tonight!!!