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Powell’ s Point No. 13

March 1, 2000

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Journal Entry #13, March 1, 2000

Tonight is senior night for Andrius Jurkunas and I am sure that this is a very special day for him. I hear people tell him that he should write a book on his experiences over the last five years. He has probably been through everything a college basketball player possibly can, coaching changes, injuries, a red shirt year, marriage and now a child is on the way. Congratulations to Andrius on all of his accomplishments while here at Clemson, he will be sorely missed.

There is also someone else that will be with us for the last time tonight, but you might not have ever heard his name, Spencer Bernstein. Spencer has been here for four years and has seen many of the same things that Andrius has.

While here at Clemson, Spencer has given everything to this university that he possibly can. He is always with the team, taking care of us in every possible way you can think of.

Also while here Spencer has been a top student. When he graduates this spring he will finish as close as you can to a 4.0 grade point average. Spencer was always here over holidays and summers when other managers had chosen to go home. I have spent the last two summers working with Spencer at camp and to say that anyone works harder would be a lie.

I owe a lot to Spencer. When I first arrived here in the spring of 1998, Spencer immediately took me under his wing and showed me everything when I was a manager and helped me to now become a member of this team for the second year.

Spencer, like everyone about to move on with their life, worries about what he will do next year, but he has nothing to worry about because I know that he will make everyone here at Clemson University proud to say that they were associated with him. So in closing, I say thank you to my friend Spencer for all that you have given me, this university and this basketball program. Good luck and we will all miss you!