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Postgame Quotes

May 29, 2009

Oklahoma State Head Coach Frank AndersonOn Game “Obviously, it’s good to start with a win, especially against a team as good as Alabama. We jumped out to a lead and they came right back. We knew they would. We weren’t expecting to run away from them by any stretch. Alabama made it touch on us. Tyler (Lyons) is a good pitcher and they made him work for it.”

On starting Lyons “We looked at Alabama and thought that Tyler was a good match-up because he can change speeds and they are so offensive.”

On the wind factor “When we come into a facility, we always do our regular batting practice and let the pitchers hit at the end for defensive purposes. We hit one ball out yesterday; it wasn’t carrying at all. Today, it changed about three different times. We kept looking at the flags out there.”

Oklahoma State Player Tom BelzaOn his homeruns “I was feeling good at the plate, but it was kind of just an accident. I feel like when I hit my best, I’m not up there looking for any certain pitch. I’m just seeing the ball well. “

On the third home run “I knew I hit it well but I didn’t think it was going to carry like that. It kind of snuck out. Coming around third on that last one I was just dumbfounded, because I knew that’s what everyone else was thinking.”

Oklahoma State Player Tyler LyonsOn the critics “We aren’t satisfied with just one win, so it won’t be enough to satisfy the critics either.”

Alabama Head Coach Jim WellsOn Game “Oklahoma State did a good job of jumping all over us early. Our guys did a great job in the third, made a run on them to make it a close game. Felt like we were still in the ball game, the bullpen did a good job for the most part, we just couldn’t make another run at them.”

Wells on Scouting report on Belza “He had two on the season coming in. He hit a change-up, then we came with a fastball in and he hit that out. Then we threw a fastball away and he hit that out, so he hit two different pitches in three locations out then we just walked him.”

On Wes at First “He got a big hit for us today. When there is a lefty pitching we used both Jones and Henderson. If a right-hander throws tomorrow we may use just one of them.”

On Starter for tomorrow “Adam Morgan will start. We used a lot of guys from the pen today, and they know they are going to be used a lot. Hopefully Morgan can go longer tomorrow so we don’t have to use the pen as much.”

Have you seen a guy who doesn’t hit a lot during the season, get big hits in post-season? “Not hitting three home runs in one game. It definitely happens, our pitches were located and he went and got them. He became the most dangerous man on their team.”

Austin Hyatt on Outing “It wasn’t a good outing. Didn’t feel great, didn’t pitch well at all and they hit right through.”

Brandon May on Third Inning “Yeah I felt like we were back in it when we got five runs in that inning. I never thought we were going to lose that game, I thought we were going to win it. I struck out with the bases loaded, just very disappointed in myself but we just have to keep going.”

May on At-Bat with bases loaded “I just kept battling. It got 0-2 quick and I worked the count then swung at a ball. I was just battling up there, and it is just frustrating.”

On Mindset going into tomorrow “We have got to win. It is do or die now, and we are very confident that we can win. We have got to come ready to play.”