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Post-Match Quotes From Indiana-Northern Iowa

Dec. 3, 1999

Indiana Head Coach Katie Weismiller

“It was a difficult match. Northern Iowa is scrappy and aggressive. We

had them on the line in game one but we just couldn’t finish it. That swung the momentum. We got a little more momentum back in game two, but we never had the attitude to finish the match.”

“Watching them play last night, we knew they didn’t play to their ability that we’ve seen them do. But tonight they came out firing on all cylinders. They played great defense and had a couple players that stepped up.”

Northern Iowa Head Coach Iradge Ahrabi-Fard

“We are very similar teams. Both of us have similar offenses and it went to who scrambled and fought the most.”

“Indiana is a very good serving team. We knew if they’re serve effected our offense, we’d be in trouble. I’m very proud of our team b/c we really made a difference in that category. We matched them in the other categories.”

“It was a very close match. I give my utmost gratitude who fought from a 7-14 deficit to win the first game, which was the difference. I never gave up any time we got behind, which is a trademark. Indiana played a lot better than I’ve ever seen them play. It was very sweet for us because they’re the ones who knocked us off last year to eliminate us. I congratulate them for being such a good opponent.”

“We knew what Indiana’s best players were trying to do. They were able to do what they wanted to do sometimes, but we stopped them at the crucial times, especially on their quick sets.”

“I would like to extend our gratitude to such a tremendous host. I think Clemson did a tremendous job of hosting a very classy tournament and everything went very well.”