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Post Game Quotes

Dec. 5, 2008

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Clemson Head Coach Jolene Jordan HooverOpening Comments “We are thrilled that we won tonight. It was a great match. Tennessee gave us everything we could handle. I thought we did an excellent job in continuing to fight. When they went up on us our team had great patience so we could take back the lead. We also played really well defensively.”

“We had great starts in all the games. It would have been great to win game four, but we didn’t. So it was key for us to be positive going into the fifth match.”

“Tennessee did an excellent job in serving the ball. They were very aggressive and drove the ball on us. We weren’t able to pass the ball as we normally do because of their serving.”

Jeannette Abbott Comments “We came into tonight’s game knowing Tennessee had a lot of height on them. We studied their defense a lot and concentrated on picking apart their holes. Our kills came off of knowing where their holes were.”

Lia Proctor Comments “Also, our teammates helped us find the holes. As we were going in for kills, they would shout out where the gaps were in their defense.”

Looking forward to tomorrow’s match “We were watching Utah before our game for a little bit. I feel confident about tomorrow’s game. Utah has a lot of height, but so did Tennessee. If we come in with the same intensity as we did today, nothing can get in our way.”

Tennessee Head Coach Rob Patrick “I’ve never had a team that has improved so much during a season. I couldn’t be more proud of our girls. Clemson played a great match. They were good at the net. We did what we planned to do, but we had too many unforced errors against a good team.”

“Our come back started in the fourth game. Unfortunately we weren’t able to keep it going in the fifth game. We played every point one by one, but we just couldn’t take the lead in the last game. We fought our hearts out though and that’s what counts.”

Nikki Fowler Comments “Clemson is a really good team. We did our best and we had fun doing it.”