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Aug 01, 2018

Parking at The Reserve at Lake Keowee

Parking Options

For tournament participants two primary parking locations are available. Each participant should consider the use of both parking locations depending on the day of play and their desired viewing.

The primary parking for the event is located around the Orchard Clubhouse and the Market Complex located below the Orchard Clubhouse near the lake. To use this parking area, proceed to the Orchard Clubhouse as described in directions to the facility, and follow the signs to an appropriate parking location. There is limited parking available at the Orchard Clubhouse as these lots are dedicated to tournament participants and supporting staff during the tournament.

Participants who wish to walk or use golf carts to view the event from the first tee through to the entire 18 holes should use the parking around the Orchard Clubhouse and the Market Facility. There is also parking available at the course Halfway House located at the number 10 tee. Players will be starting on both the #1 and #10 holes all three days of the tournament. Participants following players who will be starting on the 10th tee may want to use this location as completion of play will also occur at this tee. The 10th tee parking location could also be used by participants wishing to view the holes around the middle of the course.

To park at the 10th tee location, spectators should use the Keowee Avenue Gate, follow Keowee Avenue to Calhoun Ridge Ct, turn left and follow the signs to the Halfway House. Spectators entering through the Main Gate can turn left at Keowee Avenue and continue on to Calhoun Ridge Ct., making a right turn to the Halfway House.