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Compliance services would like to say THANK YOU to all those who assisted with preseason forms and for being patient with our office as we completed the review of approximately 4000 forms.


I am sure you have noticed some of the new faces around the department. Please welcome the newest additions to our coaching staffs:

§         Alex Welp – Men’s Basketball (administration)

§         Kanetra Queen – Women’s Basketball (administration)

§         DuJuan Polk – Football

§         Brandon Streeter – Football

§         Phil Hindson – Men’s Soccer

§         Mike Potempa – Women’s Soccer

§         Jess Celi – Women’s Soccer

§         Steven Phillips – Swimming

§         Pam Swander – Swimming

§         Laurence Jayet – Women’s Tennis




Please welcome Ramera Nero, an undergraduate student working in compliance. Ramera was a participant on Clemson’s women’s track team for a year and a half.


Great News! Official visit forms can now be accessed via the internet. The forms can be found at in the compliance section under Rules Education. Then click the Official Visit Forms link in the orange column on the right side.


The ACC welcomed Lindsay Babcock from the University of Colorado as the new assistant director of compliance. Lindsay replaces Amy Huchthausen who accepted a position as the Assistant Commissioner of the America East Conference in Boston.




Unofficial ticket forms should be completed for ALL prospective student-athletes making an unofficial visit. Forms are available in compliance services.






NCAA rules do not permit prospective student-athletes to receive benefits while on an unofficial visit. These benefits include lodging with current student-athletes on- or off-campus. Prospects who stay overnight must pay the housing rate of $15/night.


All money received should be turned in to Roberta Balliet, who will forward the money to housing. Checks should be made out to Clemson University.




President George W. Bush signed into law on Friday, September 24, 2004 that it is illegal for sports agents to sign student-athletes into representational contracts with bribes or misleading information. The bill also forbids agents from providing anything of value to the student-athlete or anyone associated with the athletes. Agents must tell student-athletes in writing that they may lose their NCAA eligibility after signing an agency contract.


Congratulations to football student-athlete Justin Miller who broke the NCAA record for most yards achieved on kick returns in a single game against Florida State.




Q: Is it permissible to provide an undergraduate coach with an award for conference championships?

A: YES. Part-time coaches, volunteer coaches, graduate assistant coaches and undergraduate assistant coaches may receive established awards that are given to all student-athletes participating in those events, inasmuch as it was determined that these types of awards are not considered compensation or a bonus. [NCAA Staff Interpretation, November 23, 1988].

Q: Is it permissible to use student-athletes to telephone donors and solicit funds?

A: Yes, provided the student-athletes are paid a normal wage – similar to other students doing the same kind of work. [ACC, September 21, 2004]. Contact Bill D’Andrea for more information.

Q: How many contacts can Clemson have with a multi-sport prospect being recruited when one of the sports involved is football?

A: Six. Contacts are institutional unlike evaluations, which are sport specific and Clemson is limited to a total of six contacts (the football limit). Sports with only three permissible contacts may not exceed the three. Please coordinate all visits with football. [NCAA Staff Interpretation, September 5, 1997].