Middle Tennessee-Old Dominion Coaches Quotes

May 27, 2000

Old Dominion Coach Tony Guzzo

“It seems like for the last two days we were not able to get that big bounce or big hit that we needed to. Obviously, we got those throughout the season, but usually they have a tendency to even out over the course of the long-run.”

“I was really proud of our guys. We were the ones who were behind most of the game today and came back at the end to tie it. I have to give credit to Middle Tennessee (State). They did a good job. They made quality pitches and got the timely hitting they needed.”

“I told our guys before we came here that no matter what happened during this tournament, I was really proud of them because early in the season we did not look like an NCAA regional team. They have far surpassed my greatest expectations for them already.”

Middle Tennessee Coach Steve Peterson

“I felt confident going in with Dewon Brazelton on the mound. Starting pitching always sets my tone as far as confidence. Brazelton pitched an outstanding ball game. He was in position all the way to win the game and then they made something happen and tied it up. I went to our bullpen, which is what has got us here in the regionals. My gut told me I needed to get Brad Howard in the ball game.”

“It was very fitting that Josh Renick, who was the goat in the ninth inning, but kept us in the ballgame yesterday with some great defense plays. He makes that play 99% of the time, but he fundamentally broke down. He got the opportunity to be the hero. That is one thing about baseball, you can answer it real quick.”