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Meet Coach John Boetsch

Meet Coach John Boetsch

CLEMSON, S.C.- Most of the time you only see what is happening on the courts, giving praise to the players. Without the coaching, those results would not be possible most of the time. Over a week ago, Sunday, January 31 was a prime example of coaching a player to victory. Arturo Pinazo lost his first set 6-1 against his College of Charleston counterpart and was lacking confidence. Assistant Coach John Boetsch took matters into his own hands to redirect Pinazo’s mindset after the first set loss. Coach Boetsch led Pinazo to an outstanding come back, winning sets two and three by scores of 7-5 and 6-2, to clinch the match for the Tigers over the Cougars. Coach Boetsch took time to speak on what it means to be a coach.

Q. Can you explain what was happening on court four last Sunday leading you to being there for Arturo?

A. Arturo needed a clear game plan and positive energy. All I did was help him devise a plan for his opponent and challenge him to be a competitor. I had to get him looking forward and not backward on the match, focusing on the next point, focusing on what he can control and trying to stay positive.

Q. What is the main reason for you to coach at the college level?

A. I enjoy working with our guys on and off the court, teaching them to be problem solvers and critical thinkers in tennis matches and other areas of life.  They are learning to be team players and gaining transferable skills they will use playing professional tennis or in another profession.  I truly enjoy the day-to-day process and seeing these student-athletes grow into great competitors and men.

Q. It has been known that you are a family man, how does that play a role in coaching college kids?

A. It’s a family business for us.  My wife and I share excitement when the guys commit to Clemson and miss them when they graduate!  While they are here they become like family and they are great to our kids.  We care deeply about them and want the best for them.  We love working with the players and put our hearts into it.

Q. Why did you choose to come back to Clemson after you graduated and then went to coach at Louisville?

A. When Coach Kriese retired and Coach McCuen was named head coach, he gave me the opportunity to come back to Clemson as a coach.  It felt like coming home!  We loved Louisville and I am very grateful for the time I got to spend there, but “there’s something in these hills…” I was excited to come home to Clemson.