Lindsay Browne Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Lindsay Browne Answers Your ‘Ask The Tigers’ Questions

Nov. 8, 2001

Below are Lindsay Browne’s answers to the selected questions that you submitted this past week to “Ask The Tigers”. would like to thank you for all of your questions submitted. We would also like to thank Lindsay for her time and sincere effort with “Ask The Tigers”.


Lindsay, What do you think has been the most positive experience this season and to what do you attribute the Lady Tigers success?Susan Seifert Boise, Idaho

There have been a couple of positive experiences this season for us. When we came back and took Tennessee into overtime and won was an uplifting moment for us. Beating Virginia 4-0 was a huge win for us as well. The thing that I will remember the most about this season is the closeness of our team. We’ve really grown close to each other and have a great time on and off the field.

Lindsay, Is everyone healthy for the tournament?Doug Browne Encinitas, CA

For the most part everyone is finally healthy. We were without D, Heather and Sarah for a few of our games, but now they are all back and ready to go. Its good to have them back now that we are going into the ACC and NCAA tournament because they are a big part of our team.

Hey Lindsay! I miss you and the other ladies — it was good to see you guys at homecoming. How do you feel going into the post-season? Do you guys think you can make it to the Final Four this time around? Jen “The Ex-Supermanager” McGinnis Tallahassee, FL

Hi Jen, it was good to see you too. Its been quite a journey this season. Adjusting to the “newness” of everything this year has been difficult. However, I am so excited about our post-season. I feel that we have been through so much together this season and have learned so much about each other that I think we are going to just put everything together now and really finish strong. I know we have what it takes to make it to the final four, it’s just a matter of us going out their and doing it.

Lindsay, Is Coach Bramble different than Coach Leone? If so, in what ways?Matt Ansley Greenville, SC

This is a tough one. Ray was of course the coach who recruited me and got me to come to Clemson. He did great things for this program as well as Tracey. I had an unforgettable experience here last year as a freshman. His passion for the game was inspiring. Although we lost Ray, we were very fortunate to get Todd. Despite the fact that he had never coached woman before, he has meshed into it very well. His willingness to motivate us, and to learn about what we need as players is beneficial, and will continue to give us great success.

Lindsay, Do you think that Saturday’s loss to Florida hurt the team’s confidence, or do you think it was good to just go out and play a game that had no conference implications?Susan Woolford Athens, GA

Of course no one likes to lose, and when you do you tend to sometimes Question what your team is doing. However, I didn’t feel like this was the case with our loss to Florida. We took the loss as another learning experience and wake-up call. Seeing that every game from here on out is single elimination, we’ve realized that we can’t come out playing anything short of our best.

Lindsay, What brought you clear across the country to attend Clemson? Jamie Anderson Carlsbad, CA

I get this question a lot. I knew that I wanted a medium sized school, one that was big into sports, and some where that it was warm. Clemson fit everything that I was looking for academically and soccer wise. The team is what really made me decide to come here, and plus nothing beats playing in the ACC.

Lindsay, How well do you think Leigh Ann Harrison will be able to fill the shoes of Katie Carson?Beth Edwards Mt. Pleasant, SC

I’m sure Leigh Ann is very excited about her opportunity next year to fill Carson’s shoes. I have complete confidence in her that she will do a great job.

Lindsay, What is the biggest threat that Wake Forest poses for Clemson in the first round of the ACCs?Andy Milling Atlanta, GA

Wake is a threat first of all because they are an ACC team and it is the ACC tournament. Their home field advantage and fans posses a threat to us as well. Remaining mentally tough will be key for us, in order for us to come out on top.

Go Tigers! Lindsay Browne

Next week’s guest on “Ask The Tigers” is senior safety Charles Hafley.