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Letterwinners Association Constitution

Letterwinners Association Constitution

Constitution of the Tiger Letterwinners Association of Clemson University

ARTICLE 1 – Organization

Section 1

The Tiger Letterwinners Association is composed of former student-athletes of Clemson University as well as former managers, trainers, coaches and special honorees of the Clemson University Athletic Department.  The purpose of the Association is to:

  • Afford the opportunity for fellowship among members of the Association.
  • Honor former Clemson University student-athletes, coaches and others associated with the Clemson University Athletic Department through election to the Clemson University Athletic Hall of Fame.
  • Provide outreach to former Clemson student-athletes and other members of the Association.
  • Educate coaches and current student-athletes about the history of Clemson Athletics.

ARTICLE II – Membership

Section 1

There shall be two classes of memberships in the Association, namely:

  • Active Member – Any former student of Clemson University who received an athletic letter from the Clemson University Athletic Department shall be eligible for membership upon his/her compliance with the provisions of the Constitution. In addition, all active Clemson coaches shall be eligible to be members of the Association.
  • Honorary Member – Other persons who are considered to have made significant contributions to the Clemson Athletic program by service thereto shall be eligible for honorary membership upon the approval of three-fourths of the members of the Board of Directors of the Association attending a duly scheduled meeting. Honorary members are not required to pay dues and do not have voting privileges.

ARTICLE III – Officers and Directors

Section 1

The Association shall be governed by a Board of Directors consisting of a total of at least 15 persons as described below, including a President and Executive Director.  The number of Board members needs to be reflective of our current sports and other sports we have eliminated.

  • Qualification – any individual who has been a Letterwinner or special honoree may be elected to the Board. The Board of Directors shall ensure appropriate representation of all the various sports at Clemson are represented. The Board shall elect its own Chair who will preside at all meetings. The Board Chair will also serve as President of the Association.

Section 2

Term of office – Board of Directors shall serve a two year term.  President of the Tiger Letterwinners Association shall serve a three year term and will be moved into emeritus status after their term expires with no voting privileges. 

Section 3

Members of the Board of directors shall elect new members to fill any vacancies.  The Board will make every effort to insure that as many sports as possible are represented on the Board and the men’s and women’s sports have adequate representation as well.

Section 4

Officers of the Tiger Letterwinners Association shall be elected by the Board of Directors or appointed by the Executive Director of the Letterwinners and the Athletic Director.

The Executive Director shall be responsible for keeping the Minutes and records of the Board of Directors meetings, as well as the entire association.

Section 5

The Board of directors at any meeting consisting of at least eight members present shall transact any business not in conflict with this constitution.

ARTICLE IV – Finances

Section 1

Annual dues shall be determined by the Athletic Department and must be paid to remain an active member.  Honorary members are not required to pay dues.  The fiscal year of the association is identical to the Athletic Department.

ARTICLE V – Meetings 

Section 1

Meetings of the Board of Directors shall be held annually for purposes of planning, voting on candidates for the Hall of Fame and to discuss general business.  The Executive director shall be responsible for notifying the membership of such meetings thirty days in advance.

Section 2

Special meetings of the Board of Directors may be called at the request of the Athletic Director, Executive Director of Tiger Letterwinners Association, or the Board President.

Section 3

All Board members have voting privileges and shall not be delegated to another person.

Section 4

Any Director may resign at any time by giving written notice to the Executive Director of the Tiger Letterwinners Association.  The board of directors, in its discretion, may remove any Director from office by affirmative two-thirds vote.  All appointments to the board shall not receive any compensation.

ARTICLE VI – Amendments

Amendments and modifications to the Constitution may be made by a vote of approval of at least two-thirds of the members of the Board of Directors present.  The Executive Director shall notify all members of the Board of Directors at least two weeks prior to any meeting at which amendments to the Constitution will be discussed.