Kirk Wood’s Answers To Questions Submitted To Ask The Tigers

May 3, 2000

Below are answers to selected questions that Kirk Wood, CEO of Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd., was asked as part of Ask The Tigers. Collegiate Sports Partners is the new Radio/TV rights holder for Clemson University Athletics. Clemson’s new network will be called the Clemson Tiger Network. would like to thank the fans who submitted questions to Ask The Tigers and Kirk Wood for his answers. Additional information on Kirk Wood and Collegiate Sports Partners, Ltd., can be found at COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast.

Next week’s guest of will be Clemson Athletic Director Bobby Robinson.

Question: Since you now have an agreement with a cable station to carry more Clemson sporting events, are you also talking with cable companies in the state to have them add this new station? Brooks Goodman – Elgin, S.C. Answer: Yes, we are having discussions with all of the South Carolina area cable operators. Question: Will the Clemson Tiger Network have an affiliate that will allow me to see/hear Tiger sports in the Dallas/Fort Worth metroplex? Robert P. Dennen – Plano, Tex. Answer: All Clemson Tiger Network radio broadcasts will be available on Look for some televised games on COLLEGE SPORTS Southwest. Question: Will the new Clemson radio and television package be available in the metro Atlanta area? Dave A. Evans – Atlanta, Ga. Answer: Yes, we are working now to complete our affiliate lineup list. Question: I live in Fayetteville, Ark…what radio station should I tune into to hear those Clemson Tigers? I tried to pick up a couple of football games last year and could get them for a little while and then they would fade out. Stephanie L. Ferguson – Fayetteville, Ark. Answer: Listen to us right here at Question: Would like to know more details on pre & post game formats and who will be the people on these programs. Heard there will be call-ins. Robert Wise – Charleston, S.C. Answer: The Clemson Tiger Network will air a 90-minute pre-game show called “Countdown to Kickoff” and a one-hour post game edition of Tiger Calls. Both will call-in shows. Talent for both shows should be announced soon. Question: I love Clemson baseball as much as any other sport. Unfortunately, college baseball gets very little coverage outside of radio and the internet. Barring the College World Series and the few games shown by Fox Sports Net, college baseball is relatively nonexistent on television. What would it take to convince broadcasters that fans really love college baseball and that it deserves more coverage on television? Do you think college baseball will be covered more on television in the future? Andy Williams – El Dorado, Ariz. Answer: COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast will telecast over 70 division I college baseball games this spring with more to come in 2001. Question: Since I live in Chapel Hill, N.C. (I refer to it as “Orange County” to give the locals a hard time) and in a community that does not allow large satellite dishes, I cannot access the new network. Currently I have a DIRECTV dish and the accompanying technology. How long before I will be afforded the opportunity to see Tiger sports here and is there anything I can do to speed the process along? Thanks!!!! Charles F. Drawdy, II – Chapel Hill, N.C. Answer: COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast is only available to cable system operators. It’s best to write your cable provider and let them know your preferences. Question: Why did you select a radio station that cannot be heard in Spartanburg and Clemson? Arthur Cook – Spartanburg, S.C. Answer: Our engineering surveys have shown that WPEK covers the noted markets and much more. Question: Is the COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast channel going to be available on DIRECTV? If yes, then when? Eric Charping – Travelers Rest, S.C. Answer: COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast is only available through cable system operators and not direct satellite systems. Question: When we will be able to get a local radio station to pick up Clemson baseball games? Camden is too far from Columbia for reception. James S. Towles – Columbia, S.C. Answer: We will work to provide the widest possible coverage for Clemson baseball when we take control next season. Question: What plans are being made to offer Clemson Tiger Network broadcasts on the internet? Calvin Means – Dalton, Ga. Answer: All Clemson Tiger Network radio broadcasts will be available at Question: Who was that biased announcer you hired for the Clemson at South Carolina baseball game that you recently televised? I thought you were going to be highlighting Clemson’s sports teams instead of the competition… Allen Carpenter – Greenville, S.C. Answer: We did not telecast the game in question. Our most recent Clemson baseball telecast was from Clemson on April 12th. You will need to contact the company that produced and aired the game in question. Question: Will I be able to get Clemson women’s volleyball in the Houston area? John Lovrif – Cypress, Tex. Answer: Some volleyball matches may be available through our relationship with COLLEGE SPORTS Southwest depending on final television schedules. Question: Columbia has not had a radio station carry the Clemson baseball games for several years now. What will be done to get Tiger baseball broadcasted in this area again? Tim Clayton – Columbia, S.C. Answer: We will work hard to provide the widest possible coverage for baseball. We also telecast a number of baseball games live on COLLEGE SPORTS Southeast. Question: Why are the Tigers not going to be on WCCP FM? This radio station is located in Clemson…Why would you choose a station that doesn’t specialize in Clemson sports? Chris Westmoreland – Easley, S.C. Answer: Our goal is to provide the best coverage possible for Clemson fans and all Clemson sports. WPEK provides a great opportunity to reach almost the entire upstate area for football, basketball, and some baseball. We are excited to have WPEK as our flagship station. Question: Will the Tiger tailgate show be continued with the new network? Jesse Cannon – Clemson, S.C. Answer: Our pregame show “Countdown to Kickoff” will be presented live from the stage by the Tiger statue in front of Littlejohn Coliseum.