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Journey of a Student-Athlete

Journey of a Student-Athlete

By Jonathan Gantt || Clemson Athletic Communications

The first four lines of the video feature, as wonderfully read by Clemson legend George Bennett, go as follows: “‘There’s something in these hills.’ You hear that a lot when people talk about Clemson. And that’s because it’s a special place. But what makes it special?”

The new “Four Seasons” video series aims to answer that question by highlighting Clemson’s amazing people and detailing all the personal and professional development opportunities afforded to Clemson Football student-athletes.

Along with initial narration by Bennett, the video includes interviews with assistant coaches Tony Elliott, Jeff Scott and Danny Pearman as well as head coach Dabo Swinney and his wife, Kathleen.

Exclusive, behind-the-scenes footage shows student-athletes at Vickery Hall, etiquette training, resume-building and networking workshops and community service projects.

The series was primarily created for recruiting purposes but also serves as an additional way for Clemson Athletics stakeholders to see all the development work being done off the field for student-athletes.

The next episode will, of course, detail the events of the “Winter” season and will be followed by “Spring” and “Summer.” 

Credits for the production are below.

Written and produced by Jonathan Gantt

Edited and produced by Max Huggins

Co-produced by Nik Conklin, DJ Gordon, Austin Koon, Jessica Jefferson and Thad Turnipseed

Voiced by George Bennett