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Jervey Gym

Jervey Gym

Jervey Gym


Physical Address:Jervey Gym 310 Perimeter Road Clemson, SC 29634

The Jervey Athletic Center – named in honor of one of Clemson’s most beloved sons, Frank Jervey – is a two-level complex that is the home of the University’s intercollegiate athletic program.

The 67,000 square foot building houses offices for all of the coaching and related staffs for the 19 Clemson sports under one roof, a unique feature that places the center among the most modern of its kind anywhere. These offices are centrally located on the main level and underwent renovation in 1995. Within the complex is found all of the personnel and related facilities needed to conduct an effective, top-flight intercollegiate athletic program. The main entrance opens into a spacious lobby-reception area where trophy display cases and other memorabilia of Clemson athletics are displayed.

Besides the coaching staffs the 50-plus offices on the main level are used by personnel in administrative and sports information personnel.

Also on this level are three squad rooms, three conference rooms, a central mailing room, film storage and staff lounge area. Beneath the main floor are located dressing rooms for all varsity sports. Other facilities on this level include coaches’ dressing rooms, a spacious training room, sauna and steam rooms, and athletic equipment room.

Attached to and complementing the administrative-coaching personnel building is a two-level, multi-purpose structure of 29,000 square feet. The upper level of this building is where the Jervey Gym is located. This 2,000 seat arena serves as home for Clemson’s Volleyball team. The lower level of the gymnasium houses the strength training room. Clemson’s training facility, located on the lower level of the Jervey Athletic Center, is also among the finest in the nation. Supervising the medical needs of over 400 Clemson athletes in the training room is first-year Head Trainer Danny Poole, who has served as an assistant athletic trainer at Clemson for the past 15 years.

The Jervey Athletic Center provides the Tiger athletes with the most modern and up-to-date facilities in the country. It’s one reason the Clemson athletic program is recognized as one of the best in America.