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IPTAY Thanks WestZone Donors

IPTAY Thanks WestZone Donors

First Name Last Name
Mark Abell
Roy Abercrombie
Colon M. and Mary  Abraham
Trevor Adair
Aiken County Clemson Club
Albini Dufrenne Company LLC
William A. Alexander
All American Football Foundation and Hall of Honor, Inc.
Mr. and Mrs. Danny  Allen
Kendall and Karen Alley
Scott M. Allison
Bill Amick
Ron L. Anderson
Anderson Area Touchdown Club
Vernie and Gisele Anthony
Anthony C. Arditi
Lillian Arrants
Vandel and Jacqueline Arrington
Stephen Mark Askew
Dustin C. Atkins
Jack L. Atkinson
Clifford Austin
Mark S. Avent
Barry G. and Julie W. Avent
Jacqueline S Avery
Sanford “Sandy” Charles Baird
Jeffery W. and Rosalind K. Bak
Sims T. Ballew
James F. and Marcia Barker
Charles C. Barnhill, Jr.
Frank J. Barnwell
Patricia A. Barrett
Marcia M. Barrett
Tim Basich
Mr. and Mrs. Harry G. Batson
George and Nancy Bennett
C. L.  Benton & Sons
Donald R. Berlin
Jane M. Berling
J. Anderson Berly III
Al and Evelyn Berry
Fitzhugh Bethea
Bob and Mary Anne Bigger
Jonathan M. Black
Steve  Black
Tony Blackwell
Dr. and Mrs. William R. Blakeney
Bufort C. and Suzanne Blanton, Jr.
Samuel J. Boles
Thomas W. Bookhart
James and Edie Bostic
Joe Earl and Jami L. Bostic
David A. and Denise E. Bounds
Bountyland Petroleum, Inc.
Tommy and Linda Bowden
Glenn Bowers
Nick Bowman
Mary Walker Bowman
Hal H. and Mary Ann S. Boyd
Glenn  Brackin
Philip L.  Bradley
William P. and Mary H. Bradley
James H. Bradley
Mary Atmar and Daniel Bradley
Thomas C. “Buck” Breazeale
J. J. and Connie Britton
James and Candace  Brown
Kenneth S. and Susan H. Brown
Marc S. Brown
Ray F. Brown
W. Scott Brown
Bryant Brown
J. Lockwood and Janet O. Brown, III
Jim A.  Bruce
Dr. and Mrs. George R.  Bruce
Jim and Marilyn Bull
John Burgess
Peggy Burnett
Jackson W. Burnett IV
Bill and Lynne  Burton
Tom and Jane Burton
Charlie and Joyce Bussey
Richard D. Butler
Charles and Miriam Butler
Everett A. and Linda A. Butler, Jr.
Michael N. Byrd
Henry N. Calhoun
Mark Calhoun
Albert N.  Cameron
Neill Cameron, Jr.
S. L. Campbell
Estate of J. C.  Cannon
Christopher E. Carlsten
Hap and Jeannette Carr
Chalmers and Lori Anne Carr, III
Edmund K. & Virginia Carson
Mr. and Mrs. Churchill A. Carter
Emmitt Carter
Mr. and Mrs. George E.  Carter, Jr.
Ray Cash
George F. and Deborah L.  Cassidy
Ross Cathy
Robert J. and Maxine Caughman
Steve and Nick Cawood
David William and Bess Cecil, Sr.
Brian F. Celek
Thomas D. Chandler
Charleston County Clemson Club
Andy Cheatham
Randall C. and Lisa M. Cheek
Tim Childers
Ed and Jan Childress
Stephen L. and Ethel Ann R. Chryst
Ray and Mary Clanton
Bernice Clanton
Brian E. and Joyce S. Clark
Kathleen A. Clarke
Dr. G. Stuart  Clarkson, Jr.
Charles D. and Varina J. Clayton, II
Linda T. Cleary
Clemson Sports Medicine & Rehab., Inc.
Clemson University Alumni Association
Coach’s Low Country Boil
Ed and Donna Coakley
William M. Cobb
Samuel B. Cole
Dean and Ann Coleman
Joel W. and Rhonda  Collins, Jr.
Brad and Suzanne  Cordell
Wade B. and Joyce Cordell
Michael T. Corgan
Ernest L. Corley
Robby Corley
John and Wanda Cote, Jr.
Bobby and Christi Couch
Glenn A. and Myra Cox
Jack D. Cox
Walter T. Cox, Jr.
Gregory Alan and Gretchen W. Craig
Larry Crandall
W. Kirk Crawford
Barnes M. Creamer
Jim and Carolyn Creel
Joseph C. Crosby, Jr.
Dr. Anthony Todd Crowe
Jeffery Lance and Wendy White Cruce
Leighton and Tammy Cubbage
Mr. and Mrs. John F. Cuniff
Constantine W. “Deno” and Jo Curris
Charles and Libby Dalton
Eddie and Betty Dalton
Bill and Lee D’Andrea
Richard M. Davies
Harry R. Davis
Jeff Davis
Richard Davis
John and Rose Davis
Richard Champion Davis III
Jack and Betty Day
Richard D. and Jayne M. Day
Sumter F. and Clydie de Brux
Dr. Perry B.  DeLoach
Jerry E. and Harriet Dempsey
Fletcher C. Derrick, Jr.
Green and Cindy DesChamps, Jr.
William H. DeVane, Jr.
Hilton M. Dickson
Bubba Diggs
Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Whitaker  Diggs
Tom and Jinny Doolittle
Mr. and Mrs. Tom  Doolittle
Peter Dorn
Robert W. Dozier
Mr. and Mrs. Tom Drayton
Ed and Jane Duckworth
John W.  Ducworth
John B. Duffie, Jr.
John T. & Martha H. Duncan, Jr.
Kelly and Yvonne Durham
Keith Eades
Robert C. Easley
Nick Eason
John and Carol Easterling III
H. C. Edens, Jr.
David W. Edwards
Robert E. Edwards
Charles E. Eiserhardt
Charles E. and Carolyn Eiserhardt, Jr.
R. C. Eldridge
Todd M. Elfert
F. K. and Mary H. Ellington III
Frank K. Ellington IV
Floyd and Cheryl Elliott
Joseph W. Ellis
Mike and Dana Eppley
James H. Erskine
C. Ed Evans
David A. Evans
Frederick L. Faircloth
Fred W. and Phyllis Faircloth, III
Robert D. Fairey
Ford F. Farabow, Jr.
John Farley
Craig Farver
Fatz Cafe 
Kevin Fee
John W. Fields
Caroline P.  Fitzgerald
W. R. Flemming
Eric N. Folk
Danny and Deborah Ford
Jeanne G. Fowler
Jackson T. Foxworth
Eugene D. and Cantey T. Foxworth, III
Harry and Susan Frampton III
Jimmy Francis
Joseph D. Franks, III
Frank Fredere
Nancy Freeman
Rob Freeman
Jerry T. Fuller
Chris and Amy Gabrys
Thomas G. and Debbie B. Gaillard, Jr.
C. Galen and Julia L. Gardner
Stanley T. Garner
Tom Garrett, Jr.
Mark A. and Pamela J. Garrison
Lance R. Garrison
Juanita S.  Gatch
Paul and Holly Gaughf
F. E. Gaulden
Kevin W. Gemas
Georgetown County Clemson Club
Glenn D. and Gail S. Gibbons
Kelli D. Gibbons
Tradd Gibbons Endowment
Jenna B. Gibson
Ryan Gill
T. Preston and Donna M. Gillespie, Jr.
Charles Jeter  Glenn
Robert Wayne Golden
Melanie Golden
Don and Gale Golightly
John P. Gore
Christian D. Graf
Harvey and Selene Graham, Jr.
David A. Gray
William J.  Grayson
Jack L. Green, Jr.
William R. and Michele L. Green, Jr.
Greenville Clemson Club
Garland Greenway, Jr.
Scott Gregory
Lawrence and Felicia Gressette, Jr.
F. Reeves and Gail Gressette, Jr.
F. Reeves Gressette, Jr.
John David Griffith
Thomas A. Grizzle
Larry D. Grubb
Mr. and Mrs. John  Hamrick
Al and Connie Hancock
Robert L. and Elizabeth Hardaway
Dr. and Mrs. Byron  Harder
Byron B. and Lillian U. Harder, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. Denton M.  Harold
Chris Hart
Alan  Hay
William T. Hegler
Bert and Lee Ann Henderson
Landrum H. Henderson, Jr.
Bill and Pam Hendrix, Jr.
Kirk Hensarling
James P. Hentz
Mr. and Mrs. Milton S. Hester
Wayne K. Hester
Dr. O. A. “Bud” Hicklin, III
Burrow and Helen Hill
Katie Hill
Helen A. Hinson
Richard C. Hoffmann
John H. Hofford
Gregory E. Holcombe
John and Julia Holcombe, Jr.
Brian K. Holden
B. Lawson and Cathy P. Holland
Duke Holloman
Eva Holmes
Lewis  Holmes
Fred Hoover
Denny and Reneé Hopf
Henry Hopper
Joseph Horne
Horry County Clemson Club
Rob Hubbard
W. A. “Bill” and Lillian H. Hudson
William Alex Hudson, II
David E. Huff
Forest E.  Hughes, Jr.
John E. and Terri A. Hughes, Jr.
Rodney B. and Doris Hunt
Andrew Hunter
Stuart L. Hunter
Tim Huntley
Mr. and Mrs. Will Huss & Family
Tim and Marcia Hydrick
IPTAY Board of Directors
Jonathan E. Irvin
William S. Irvin, Jr.
Frank Ix
Jacky and Billie Jackson
Janice W. Jackson
Kenneth G. & Donna Jackson
Ami R. Jackson
C. Stephen Jackson
Daniel Jacobs
Roy B. Jeffcoat
Clayton L. Jennings
Robert B. “Bob” and Rebecca B. Johnson
Tim and Elaine Johnson
Harry J. Johnson, Sr.
G. Tripp and Anne B. Jones
Harold R. and Elaine Jones
Robert L. Jones
Dr. Alexander  Kalenak
William R. “Bill” Karpik
Dr. Hank Kearse
William C. Kennerty
Stephen F. Kenney
Edwin L. Kilby, Jr.
Graham Kinard
Dorothy F. King
JoVanna J. King
Jack H. and Lynn R. King
James E. King
Allen T.  King, Jr.
Andy Kinghorn
Rus and Sharon Kingman
Doug and Vicki Kingsmore
C. Thomas Kirkley
Charlie E. Kirven
Mr. and Mrs. Palmer Kisker
Anne L. Kleitches
Mr. and Mrs. Michael V. Landry and Mark
Wilson A. Latham
Glenn J. and Kathy Lawhon, Jr.
James M. and Patricia P. Lawton
Winston A. Lawton, Jr.
Furman G. and Sallie R.  Lee, Jr.
C. M. “Buddy” Lewis
Frank P. Liberatore
Mr. and Mrs. Lee  Littlejohn
L. J. Littlejohn
Jerry K. and Bonnell Schirmer Livingston
Joshua W. Livingston
Betty L. Lizarralde
William Greg and Marcia K. Long
Steve and Kristin Long
Lourie Law Firm
Kenneth S. Lowery
David L. and Anne E. Aaron Lyle, Jr.
Thomas and Lib Lynch, Jr.
Louis Lynn
Ewell Jefferson Lytton
James Kevin and Ava Bassett Mack
Barry H. Maddox
Nelson Frank Magwood
Richard Mahaffey
Tim and Kelly Mahon
Bill Malesich
Thomas C. Mann
David G. Mannella
Michael A. Maravelias
Dean G. Marianos
James D. Marrett
John D. Martin
Carl and Peggi N. Martin
Dr. Steven L. Martin
William L. Mathias
Bill and Burnsie Mathis
Joel R. Matthews
Bob and Sheryl Mayberry, Jr.
William Boyd Mayer, Jr.
James K. Mayfield
Patricia McAbee
Albert D. McAlister
Gregory E. McBride
Michael H. and Lynn W. McBride
Jeff McCall
Peter L. and Margaret B. McCall
Dr. and Mrs. P. Sean McCallum
Ed McCameron
Nicky McCarter
Chester McClockton
R. Bruce McClure
Mark McCoy
Les McCraw
Dean McDaniel
Edgar and Rosemary McGee
Dr. James C. McGeorge
William P. McGuigan
Lance Pennell McKinney
Smyth McKissick, III
Thurmon and Diane McLamb
William N. McLean
S. Cal McMeekin, Jr.
Mr. and Mrs. R. O. McMillan
Darrin McNeely
Anthony and Alicia Renee McSwain
Rodney McSwain
Tom B. McTeer, Jr.
R. N. McWhite
Stuart and Leigh Ann McWhorter
Charles C. Meeks, Jr.
Dr. Vernon E. Merchant, Jr.
Meritus Signature Homes
David S. and Nancy Merritt
Gene and Lynn Merritt
Justin Miller
E. Lewis Miller, Jr.
Stephen and Denise Mills
Dr. James C. Mills, III
Peter W. Mitchell
Frank  Mlinar
Kelly and Donna Molony
Kenneth L. and Marcia P. Moore
Vincent D. Morabit
Gregg Morton
Danny Moss
Dr. James L. Moss
Thomas C. and Lynette F. Moss, Jr.
Donna C. Mousa
Lawrence Mudge
Joshua M. Muirhead
Dr. John H. Murray
John L. Murray, Jr.
Charles A. and Teresa E. Neely
Eric Newton
Mike Newton
Robby Newton
Dr. M. B. Nickles, Jr.
Daniel L. Nita
Christopher D. Norman
John E. Norris
E. Mitchell Norville
Frederick Stephens  Nuttall
Arthur Carl Nuttall
Mr. and Mrs. Ronald W. Oakley
Roy R. Oates, Jr.
Billy and Beverly O’Dell
Chris and Judy Olson
On Site Solutions, Inc.
James W. Orr
Mr. and Mrs. James H.  Owen, Jr.
Steve and Linda Owings
William Rad Page
Anthony J. and Kathleen H. Parete
David A. Parker
James V. and Mary Jane Patterson
Jim H. and Nancy W. Payne
Jimmy J. Payne
Dr. Michael W. Payne
Pearce & Pearce, Inc.
Bob Peeler
Michael Dean Perry
Christopher M. Peters
Mr. and Mrs. Alan E.  Pflugrad
Terry Don and Tricia Phillips
Ashton Phillips
C. Andrew Pickens
Edgar Pickett, III
Piedmont Orthopaedic Associates, P.A.
James E. Pittman
PLANTERS (Kraft Foods Global, Inc.
Betty Poe
Richard G. and Wendy Pollitzer III
Danny G. and Beth M. Poole, Jr.
Joel Porcher
Ronald M. Poston
Wofford Carlton Powell
G. Tennent  Powers III
Mary Prince
Jason C. Pruitt
Sarah S. Ray
Bill and Margaret Reaves
Dr. and Mrs. Brian J. Redmond
Josef Reece
Vivian C. Reeves
Allen Reeves
Dr. Douglas A.  Reeves, Jr.
J. E. Reinhardt, Jr.
Carroll W. Reynolds
John W. Rheney III
Frank Towers and Kathryn K. Rice, Jr.
David B. Richardson
Dr. William B. Richmond, II
Robert  Ricketts
David P. Riggins
Stanley Riggins Family
Eddie and Cynthia Robinson
Robert W. Robinson, Jr.
Billy G. Rogers
James B. “Jimmy” and Jo Anne  Rogers
Tony N. Rogers
Anthony Rose
Steven R. Ross
Frank and Saundra S. Russ
Dr. and Mrs. Henry H.  Salzarulo
Jim and Claudia Sanders, Jr.
Robert R. and Shelby Sansbury
Glenn and Rita Scoggins
Marion N. “Sonny” Sealy
Wendell R. Sease
David H. Seay
Charles A. Segars
Goz and Pat Segars
Edward M. Shannon
Paul T. and Precia Shaw
Robert and Sandra S. Shealy
Tom L.  Shealy, Jr.
J. Russell Sheppard
Sheppard Construction Co., Inc.
William J. Sheppard III
William J. Sheppard, Jr.
Richard James and Ann Sheridan, III
Paul E. Shuey
William S. Shuler
James M. Shuler
Larry and Pam Shyatt
Jeff D. and Cathy H. Singletary
B. J. Skelton
Erik D. Skow
Ronald and Jeanette Small
Janet R. Smalley
Ann B. Smith
Danielle M. Smith
Kenneth L. and Layne B. Smith
Ron G. Smith
Coach Dick Smith & Family
Bill and Beth Smith, Jr.
Vincent C. Smoral
Jeff Soowal
Samuel R. Spann, Jr.
Spartanburg Touchdown Club
Dr. and Mrs. T. Rhett Spencer, Jr.
Jim  Speros
James M. Spielberger
David W. and Sandra Sprouse
Lawrence Starkey
Richard D. and Cynthia R. Steen
William R. & Lindsay Reed Stewart, III
Jeffrey C. Stockstill
David K. Stokes
Mark S. Stokes
George A. Stone
W. J.  Stoudenmire
Strange Brothers Grading Company, Inc.
Weston B. Stratton
Bruce H. Stribling
Edward Strom
Jim Stuckey
William B. Sturgis
Charles L. and Betty Y. Sullivan, Jr.
Jeff and Karla Suttle
Joe and Bobbi Swann
Dr. Todd Swathwood
Jimmie L. and Nancy W. Sweatt
Thomas E. Sweeny
Shann and Stephanie Tanner
Mark A. Taylor
Avery A. Telligman
Katherine Nauss Templeton
The Hand Center
The Match Family
G. G. Thomas, Jr.
Thrift Brothers Inc.
John D. and Ila Jo Tice
William R. “Bill” Tillman
Danny R. Timmerman
John H. and Garland Timmerman
Jake and Christy Timmerman
Mr. and Mrs. Mike A.  Timmerman
Tracy E. Tindal
Joseph M. and Kimberly H. Todd
F. A. “Bill” Townsend, Jr.
Karen E. Trammell
Jerry E. and Sally D. Trapnell
Trehel Corporation
Roger  Troutman
Joe and Cathy Turner
Mark  Turner and Family
Jim Turner and Family
J. Arthur and Rebecca H. Tuten
UBS Financial – Fredman Duncan Team
F. S. Ulmer
David and Sharron Unser
Tiffany J. Van Daele
Guy M. Varn
Samuel A. Varner
James T. Vaughn
Chris Verdery
Steven J. and JoAnne Virostek
Christa B. Waddell
Mike Wade
Les and Karen Walden
John E. Walker
John C. Walker
John E. Walker
Michael H. Walzak
William S. “Billy” and Claudia L. Ware, Jr.
James D. Wasson
Terry M. Watson
E. J. Werntz
Alan M.  Wertz
Dr. N. Carl and Barbara O. Wessinger
Allen L. and Jane West
Thomas C. West
Dr. Theodore G. Westmoreland
Joseph R. and Joyce D. White
Charles D. Whitehurst, Jr.
Al and Ann Whitley
Tony Whitman
Richard C. and Nancee G. Whitt
Debora J. Wilder
G. James Wilds, III
Jon and Barbara Wilken
Rodney  Williams
Gene E. Williams
Charles Winchester
Estate of Mary Wingard
Frank Wingate
Tom P. and Shannon Winkopp
Allen P. Wood
Darlene Shuler Wooten
Mr. and Mrs. Neal Workman & Family
Ernie Worsham
Ray Wrenn
James E. and Karen L. Wurst, Jr.
Charles N. Wyatt, Jr.
Stanley  Yarborough
Richard C. Yeary
Ron Young
Melvin K.  Younts
James M. and Lynne Zachrich, Jr.