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IPTAY Mission Body 4

In accordance with the IPTAY Constitution, the four priorities are as follows:

  1. The payment of the annual cost of athletic scholarships.
  2. The payment or reimbursement of the operating expenses of IPTAY.
  3. The establishment and maintenance of an adequate reserve fund deemed appropriate by the IPTAY Board of Directors.
  4. Any expenditure other than those established under the previous three priorities, shall be limited to either direct or indirect aids to the athletic program of Clemson University and must be approved by the IPTAY Board of Directors.

For more than 73 years, IPTAY has been the lifeblood of Tiger Athletics-transforming Clemson University from a regional presence to a national power-and providing a model of success for other educational systems to follow. However, IPTAY cannot exist and continue to grow without contributions from the more than 16,400 annual donors, as well as, an additional 5,500 Collegiate Club members. It is the contributions from these loyal Tiger fans that help IPTAY fulfill its priorities each and every year.

Our goals are to provide for the annual cost of athletic scholarships for our student-athletes, provide for the operating expenses of IPTAY, the establishment and maintenance of an adequate reserve fund deemed appropriate by the IPTAY Board of Directors, and any other expenditures of the athletic program not covered in the previous three that is approved by the IPTAY Board of Directors.

Our hope is to give the student-athletes the opportunity to succeed in and out of the classroom while enjoying college life here at Clemson University. Your donation to the IPTAY Scholarship Fund is greatly appreciated and is one of the most important ways to show your Tiger Pride and loyalty for Clemson while giving our student-athletes the opportunity to discover what the Clemson experience is all about-academic excellence, rich tradition, athletic spirit, and a strong sense of family.

Thank you for your continued support of IPTAY and Tiger Athletics and helping us to put our students first. I look forward to a wonderful future and your support.

Go Tigers,

Bert Henderson


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