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IPTAY Minority Focus Committee


IPTAY Minority Focus Committee

Chair: Ellen Hepfer ellenhMembers: Marie Christy, W. Michael Floyd, Ryan Gasque, Jason German, Kenn Jameson, Lonniesha Nelson, Buddy Pusser, Matt Quillen


The IPTAY Minority Focus Committee (IMFC) was established to increase awareness and participation of Minorities in IPTAY and Clemson Athletics. Our goal is to ensure that IPTAY, and more specifically the IPTAY Collegiate Club, is meeting the needs of the minority students on campus. We would like to increase minority participation at athletic events, and enhance the Clemson Experience for all students.

IMFC was established in the Spring of 2000. Since its beginning, IMFC has co-sponsored many events with the Office of Multicultural Affairs and many NPHC groups. These events include tailgates for home football games, gatherings at the Union Underground, the 2000 Gospel Explosion and the freshman minority picnic at the beginning of the 2000 year.

In its first year, IMFC has not only been instrumental in helping out with minority events, but the committee has also introduced new ideas and influenced key decisions of the Collegiate Club. IMFC is represented on the Collegiate Club Board of Directors by a selected member to help with decisions made for the Collegiate Club.

We need your help to keep this committee going strong!

If you are interested in joining IMFC please fill out the form below and mail it to:

Ellen Hepfer PO Box 1529 Clemson, SC 29633

Or email to:

Name: ______________________________________________________

Address: ____________________________________________________

Phone: _____________________________________________________

Email: _____________________________________________________

IPTAY #: ___________________________________________________

(In order to participate in IMFC students must also be members of the IPTAY Collegiate Club)