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IPTAY Members Of The Week

Each week our membership for 2001 grows and grows! This week we are proud to welcome the following members to the IPTAY Family:

Name Hometown Representative
Walt Bagwell Marion, NC
Nelson D Clark Munroe Falls, Oh
James Cox Spartanburg, SC
Danny Gilreath Piedmont, SC
Robert Briggs Hamilton Duncan, SC
Sheila Humberstone Roswell, GA
Scott Keith Greer, SC
Robert H Kennemur, Jr. Sullivans Island, SC
John D Latham Milledgeville, GA
James F Love, III Winnsboro, SC
Barbara Lucas Rock Hill, SC
Stephen H McClain Redondo Beach, CA
Beverly F Meyer Irmo, SC Robert B. Fleming
Shannon Page Irmo, SC
Christopher A. Porte Myrtle Beach, SC
Suzanne Rucker Swansea, SC