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IPTAY Introduces New Football Parking Map

IPTAY Introduces New Football Parking Map

In an effort to provide more information to better guide IPTAY donors with their giving decisions in 2018, a new football parking map is now available online at  This new resource brings together football parking locations with IPTAY annual donation information to aid donors in making a more informed giving decision, if parking and tailgating is a priority for their game day experience.

Included on the map are all the parking locations that IPTAY expects to have access to for the 2018 football season.  However, this may change as several campus construction projects may impact football parking inventory (lot 25, Douthit Hills, Jervey Meadows, Tennis Center). Donors can navigate the new map by scrolling over the on-screen map or simply selecting any parking lot from the navigation on the left side of the screen.  Additionally, one can use the drop down menu to select a specific IPTAY annual giving level to see which lots are options for the 2018 football season at that level.  These options are based on estimates of what donors will need to contribute to be assigned in specific lots, but are not a guarantee of assignment as each lot/street/space is subject to change due to increases in demand from one season to the next.

Each parking location also includes a link for directions from Google Maps.  These directions will be improved to include traffic pattern changes that are in place on game days and may differ from the most direct route provided by Google.

When selecting a specific lot (by clicking on its name on the left side of the screen or by selecting on the map) you will be able to see more detailed information on that parking location.  Details currently include type of parking (numbered vs area) and distance to stadium but will soon be expanded to include other information such as permanent restroom locations. Below these general pieces of information there is a table that shows how many donors were in the lot for the 2017 season and at what donor levels they contributed. This feature will help give the donor an idea of where he or she ranks within the lot.  For example; in 2017 the Brooks Center had 522 spaces assigned to donors at the Tiger ($1,600) and Champion ($800) levels and the giving estimate for the Brooks Center in 2018 is again the Champion ($800) level.  If a donor was assigned one of the 20 spaces as a Howard ($2,400) level donor then they are ahead of 522 others in the Brooks Center and the chances of he or she being moved out of that lot are unlikely.  If the donor is one of the 284 spaces assigned as a Tiger ($1,600) level donor then he or she is also in a good position as they rank ahead of the 238 donors at the Champion ($800) level.  If a donor was at the Champion ($800) level in 2017 and assigned a parking spot in the Brooks Center then he or she would again be eligible for the Brooks Center in 2018 by donating again at the Champion/$800 level as noted on the right side of the screen.  However, increases in demand could result in a reassignment if the number of donors requesting the Brooks Center at the Tiger ($1,600) level increases for 2018. 

As a reminder, parking is reassigned annually. All donors are ranked first by their annual giving level and then priority points are used to rank donors within each specific giving level.

To view the new football parking map, please click HERE. If you have any questions, please reach out to the IPTAY office by phone at 1-800-CLEMSON or by email at