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IPTAY Excited To Take Part In Summer Orientation

IPTAY Excited To Take Part In Summer Orientation

Today marks the first day of new student orientation for the 2015-2016 academic year and IPTAY is excited to be a part of this exciting time for new students. Throughout the summer months of June and July, IPTAY Assistant Director Julia Stump and select IPTAY staff will attend 24 orientation sessions. Each new session will provide IPTAY the opportunity to educate new students and families on IPTAY and its important role within Clemson Athletics. More specifically, IPTAY will target incoming students on the importance of joining the IPTAY Collegiate Club. Throughout the summer, students have the opportunity to become “All In” and sign up on the spot for the Collegiate Club at each orientation session.

As the student group within IPTAY, the Collegiate Club connects current students with Clemson Athletics and works to make sure every Clemson team has a loyal fan base at every home game. Since it began in 1997, the IPTAY Collegiate Club has grown to over 6,000 members in 2015.

IPTAY Collegiate Club provides its members with numerous benefits including early student football ticket distribution, discounts around town at local retailers and members begin to earn priority points at a discounted rate in their account as a student that will benefit them when they graduate.  Coming off one of the most successful years in Collegiate Club history in 2015, the IPTAY Collegiate Club hopes to generate continued momentum into the IPTAY 2016 year. For IPTAY 2015 the Collegiate Club had over 6,000 members, making it one of the largest student organizations of its kind in the country.

Julia Stump, the Director of the IPTAY Collegiate Club had this to say about summer orientation at Clemson and the IPTAY Collegiate Club: “We are very excited about the evolution and growth of the IPTAY Collegiate Club over the past couple of years. Summer orientation is a great opportunity for us as an organization to get in front of the newest members of the Clemson family. Since 1934, IPTAY has been supporting Clemson Athletics and it is important that we educate and involve those newest Clemson Tigers to IPTAY to ensure the future success of Clemson Athletics.”

To learn more about the IPTAY Collegiate Club click HERE.