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IPTAY Debuts New Look Online Login Page

IPTAY Debuts New Look Online Login Page

For the more than 80 years, the way in which IPTAY donors have supported the Clemson Tigers has evolved.  One of those changes is the way in which a donor makes their IPTAY annual donation. In years past, the primary way of making both a pledge and donation was through hard copy mail or visiting the IPTAY center in person. However, as we continue to transition more and more to the digital world of on-line giving, it is important here at IPTAY that we continue to find ways to make the online giving process as easy as possible for our users. Therefore, this month, IPTAY launched a new-look online giving login page.

This effort was made to aid both new and returning donors in their initial login efforts to their personal giving account. The page now features a new IPTAY header and uses language targeted to help the user select the appropriate login option. These changes have been made in an effort to increase the user experience when visiting the page to make their IPTAY pledge and donation.  

It is important to note to current IPTAY donors that all existing login information has remained the same.

To view the new login page click HERE. Go Tigers!