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IPTAY DAY: The IPTAY Matching Gift Program

IPTAY DAY: The IPTAY Matching Gift Program

This Saturday, October 4th, is “IPTAY Day” at the home football game versus North Carolina State. Each fall, IPTAY Day provides a platform to grow the IPTAY brand within the Clemson Family as well as garner national exposure by way of the IPTAY logo being placed on the field.  It is a day in which we celebrate IPTAY and its eighty year history with Clemson University and Clemson Athletics. It is also a great opportunity to say thank you to our nearly 15,000 donors who are making a difference in the lives of Clemson student-athletes. Each day this week to celebrate IPTAY Day we will be highlighting various facets of IPTAY!

Today we are highlighting the IPTAY Matching Gift Program. The IPTAY Matching Gift Program is a great way to increase your donor level through funds provided by your employer. Your company match is included in your cumulative giving, which may increase your membership level and, in turn, increase your Priority Points.  Your annual giving level is very important for seating and parking priority.  To claim matching gifts from your company: 1. Contact your company’s human resources department to determine if your company has a matching gift program.  IMPORTANT: Every company has its own rules about matching funds, so be sure to familiarize yourself with the policies of your company’s matching program. Make sure that your company is willing to match a gift made to athletics. Use this link to view your companies matching gift policy. 2. Once you establish that your company will match your IPTAY donation, you will need to fill out the form that is provided by your company. Mail your matching form, along with your donation, to the IPTAY office (P.O. Box 1529, Clemson, SC 29631). Some companies require that requests be made online. In that case, simply print a copy of your online request and mail it in with your IPTAY donation. Once our office receives the donation and the form, we will verify the gift and mail the form back to your company. Depending on the payment schedule of your company, the matching check will be sent to our office and applied to your IPTAY account. Please note that if a company chooses to stop matching a donor’s gift, the donor is responsible for the entire annual contribution in order to maintain the same level of benefits. The IPTAY office is available to help you through the process of claiming matching funds and happy to answer any questions you may have. Jill Richard, IPTAY’s matching gifts coordinator, can be reached at 864-656-2976 or  

Currently, tickets are still available for the football game versus North Carolina State and can be purchased through the Ticket Office at 1-800-CLEMSON or online at