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IPTAY Collegiate Club Student Rewards Program Information

IPTAY Collegiate Club Student Rewards Program Information

As the Clemson athletic teams are gearing up for another year of playing for the Orange, we hope that you as students are ready to cheer them on at their events! The Student Rewards Program was started to encourage students to attend all athletic events that Clemson has to offer.


2011 Winter Rewards Events



All members of the IPTAY Collegiate Club are eligible to participate. Simply scan your IPTAY membership card at certain Clemson events that are found on the event page, and get credit for being in attendance! You will help create a competitive advantage for our teams while earning great prizes!


2011-12 Point System:
1 Point: Men’s Basketball & Baseball
2 Points: Volleyball, Men’s Soccer & Women’s Soccer
3 Points: Women’s Basketball
4 Points: Solid Orange events (specified on events page)
5 Points: Rock the `John
*Other events will be announced throughout the year*


How it Works: The Tiger Student Rewards Program is simple and a great way to support Clemson Athletics while earning prizes!

Step 1: Join the IPTAY Collegiate Club. This can be done by visiting the IPTAY office, going online, or calling 864-656-2115. The membership fee for Collegiate Club is $40/year or $130 for 4 years (the best deal!). Memberships also build points in your IPTAY account should you become season ticket holders in the future!

Step 2: Look online each semester for rewards events and attend wearing your orange! There will also be special Solid Orange events which are worth more points. Remember to bring your IPTAY card and get it scanned at the event! Scanning procedure: Cards will be scanned beginning an hour before the event until about 10 minutes after the event starts. You must have your card with you to receive credit.

Step 3: Cheer on the Tigers!

Step 4: Check status and point totals by going online to and selecting Clemson. Enter your IPTAY number to check your point totals.

Step 5: Win prizes! Prize pick-up will occur as soon as possible when you reach each prize level. We will contact you with pick-up dates throughout the semester.


Frequently Asked Questions: What is the Student Rewards Program? The Student Rewards Program was started by the Clemson Athletic Department to encourage student attendance at all sporting events. Student attendance is important in providing an exciting game atmosphere and a home advantage for the Tigers!

Who can participate in the program? All IPTAY Collegiate Club members are eligible to participate in the Student Rewards Program. All members must have their IPTAY membership card to receive credit.

How do I earn points and how many points will I receive? Points are awarded for game attendance. Point totals vary by sport. Men’s Basketball and Baseball are 1 point, Men’s and Women’s Soccer and Volleyball are 2 points, and Women’s Basketball is 3 points. Any Solid Orange games are worth 4 points. Rock the `John, October 21, 2011, is worth 5 points!

How and when will my card be scanned at the event? IPTAY cards will be scanned beginning 1 hour before the start of the event and ending around 10 minutes into the game.

If I forget my card, do I still get credit? No, you must have your IPTAY card with you to receive credit for attending. There is no credit given for past events.

Can I keep up with my point total throughout the year? Yes, the leader board will be online throughout the year at

What are the prizes and prize levels? Prizes can be found online at Once you log in, click on the prize page. Prizes are subject to change.

How do I receive my prizes? Prize pick-up will occur as soon as possible after you reach each prize level. Dates will be announced throughout the year in the Collegiate Club weekly emails.