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IPTAY Collegiate Club Representatives


 IPTAY Collegiate Club Representatives

Any Collegiate Club member looking to become more active in the Club should consider becoming a Collegiate Club Representative. Representatives are entitled to benefits in addition to those of regular members. Representatives will have the opportunity to generate a large number of priority points. Representatives will also be given an IPTAY Collegiate Club hat. At the end of the fiscal year, the top five (5) Representatives (as determnined by point totals) will be honored and rewarded. An example of some of the rewards given to these top Representatives might include flying with the football game to an away game or free ACC Tournament tickets. The IPTAY Collegiate Club will have Representatives who are responsible for recruiting students to join the IPTAY Collegiate Club.

An IPTAY Collegiate Club Representative must be an active IPTAY donor with an updated IPTAY account. To be eligible to become an IPTAY Collegiate Club Representative, a member must earn five (5) credits. You receive one (1) credit for recruiting a new member, and one-half (1/2) a credit for getting a member to renew. Once you have earned these five (5) credits you receive Representative status and 25 Representative points. IPTAY Collegiate Club Representatives will serve as a liaison between Collegiate Club members and the IPTAY Collegiate Club Board of Directors. IPTAY Collegiate Club Representatives should always remember that violations of any NCAA, ACC, or Clemson University policy can result in serious consequences for Clemson University, the Clemson University Athletic Department, IPTAY and the individual violator.

Representative Points Assignment

  • (these are in addition to general points)
  • Becoming a Representative = 25 points
  • Each additional recruited after 5 by a Representative = 5 points
  • Each Representaitve meeting attended = 5 points
  • Renewal of membership by the Collegiate Club members one represents = 3 points
  • In the event that a Collegiate Club member renews and they do not have a representative, if they designate you as their representative = 3 points

NOTE: Representative metings will be held the first Sunday of every month.