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IPTAY CATS Setting Records

IPTAY kicked off the 2001 fiscal year with a new program for its teen-aged members. The program, called CATS (Clemson Active Teen Support) is a new level of IPTAY membership for all Tiger fans between the ages of 13-17.

At mid-point of the year, membership is already up by more than 40% over last year. This increased interest and participation by younger Tiger fans is exactly what the IPTAY CATS hoped to accomplish.

“In looking at our Cub Club membership, we have more than 2,500 members who are younger than age 12. With the teen group, however, our numbers fall off. It is our goal to put together a membership category and benefits package that would appeal to that age group,” explained IPTAY’s Eric Breazel.

The CATS program began on July 1, 2000. CATS members are receiving all the benefits previously offered to teen Cub Club members, plus some additional benefits:

-IPTAY CATS gift pack that includes a backpack and luggage identification tag -Pre-game football tailgate party -Opportunity to meet coaches and players -Discounts at local Clemson businesses -A quarterly newsletter -Discounted admission to select athletic events

“We are always looking for ways to get the younger generation more involved. IPTAY CATS is the perfect avenue to do this,” said IPTAY Executive Director George Bennett. “With the many benefits we are offering teens, the potential for IPTAY CATS is unlimited.”

The pre-game football tailgate party was held in the upstairs facilities in the IPTAY/Ticket Office complex, prior to the Citadel football game.

“We feel the tailgating experience at the IPTAY office was a unique opportunity for CATS members to get an inside look at Clemson athletics while also making new friends,” said IPTAY’s Bert Henderson. “We are already looking forward to doing a similar experience next year.”

In 1993, IPTAY’s Tiger Cub Club was started in order to offer opportunities for IPTAY supporters ranging in age from birth to 22 years of age. The Cub Club has grown into a popular membership category.

In 1997, IPTAY’s Collegiate Club was launched for ages 18-22 under the direction of Jason Walter. After only three years, the Collegiate Club has more than 3,600 members. IPTAY CATS membership dues are $30 per year.

With a new commitment to make this level appealing to the teen members, IPTAY is now looking for the IPTAY CATS program to follow the lead of its other programs to great success. The new membership numbers are a clear indication that interest is already building, even its first year.