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IPTAY 2016 Football Season Parking Update

IPTAY 2016 Football Season Parking Update

Click HERE to view the IPTAY 2016 giving level estimates for 2016 football season parking. 

Following a memorable season, where we witnessed our Tigers playing for the college football national championship, demand for parking and tickets for the 2016 season are expected to be at an all-time high.

This increase in demand coupled with several construction projects will have a significant impact on 2016 football parking. Additionally, keep in mind that all parking is subject to change as we reassign all spaces by ranking donors by their annual level and their priority points.

Even if the lot you have had previously or requesting for the first time this year is not directly impacted by construction, there will be changes, as we expect donors to continue to increase their annual level and make capital gifts that will improve their ranking among the 15,000 IPTAY donors.

 While all the options for 2016 have not been finalized, below is a preview of some of our challenges and what you can expect for 2016 so that you can make an informed IPTAY giving decision based on your desired parking and tailgating location.

•       Lot 4/Jervey Meadows: Lot 4 will have 600 numbered parking spaces for the 2016 season. These spaces will be on the north side of Jervey Meadows. To coincide with the construction of a throwing pit for the track & field team, the 300-320 and 400-420 RV space will be relocated to the south side of Jervey Meadows. It is expected that everyone in these Lot 4/car spaces will be at the Tiger/$1600 level and above, but just like all other lots, it is subject to demand.

•       Lot 13: Lot 13 will also be a numbered lot for the 2016 season. With the relocation of the soccer practice fields to this location, there will be 450 numbered parking spaces in what has been area lot 13. Similar to lot 4, it is likely that assignment to this lot will require a donation at the Tiger/$1600 level, but it could be higher as more and more people request to be in a numbered space on the north-northwest side of the athletic district.

•       Lot 14: Lot 14 will also be reduced in size due to the construction of the football operations center. What is available for parking will not be finalized until late this spring as the project progresses.

•       Lot 11: Lot 11 will be expanded to include the adjacent lot off Delta Street. This has previously been a non-IPTAY lot, but it will be added into inventory for the 2016 season. It is expected to require a Champion/$800 donation.

•       New lots: Several options are being considered in new locations that will offer shuttle service to and from the athletic district. While this is a significant change from what many of us have experienced here at Clemson, it is a parking option that will need to be utilized as space is lost and more and more people want to be a part of Clemson football.

Another change that you can expect to see is the transition of area parking lots into numbered parking lots even, if they do not require the traditional Tiger/$1600 annual level to be assigned to them.

One example is the Brooks Center. This paved lot will likely have all numbered spaces for the 2016 season, as it helps avoid overcrowding, over-tailgating and counterfeit pass issues. This lot is expected to still fall in the Champion/$800 annual donation range despite this move to being numbered. Of course, that is just an estimate, as it all depends on the demand from all donors requesting parking spaces. Other lots will remain area lots because of their shape, even though they require higher donations.

The three best examples of this are lots 1, 3A and 9. All were full at the Tiger level or higher last year (and we expect that to increase in demand this year), and they work best as area lots and will remain that way for 2016.

Projections on what donation level is necessary to park in each lot will be available once we determine what other parking locations will be added into inventory for the 2016 season.

If maintaining your specific parking space is a priority for you and your family, we encourage you to visit with one of our staff members later this spring to make sure your annual level matches your expectations and how the increase in demand we are seeing from others increasing their annual donations will affect parking inventory.