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The Duckworth Family Tennis Center

Limited opportunities available!

Access to Duckworth Family Indoor Tennis Facility

Clemson Athletics is pleased to announce a new opportunity available to the Clemson community.  Beginning fall 2019, individual community members will have a chance to purchase a license to access the indoor courts at the Hoke Sloan Indoor Tennis Facility. 

Rules for UsageApply Below

How does it work?

An individual can purchase their license to access the Facility from Clemson Athletics for a flat fee of $500 per academic year (August to May).

Access is limited to 32 slots, on a first come first serve basis and only provides the ability to use the Facility during designated times as determined by Clemson Athletics.

When can I play?

Four indoor courts will generally be available from 12:00 noon to 1:30 pm on dates specified by Clemson Athletics with the exception of weekends, University holidays and closures (including closures due to inclement weather).  License holders will have the opportunity to play on a first come first serve basis and play will be limited to 1.5 hours per day.

Clemson Athletics will provide license holders with a calendar of available court times each academic term (Fall/Spring only). However, availability is at the sole discretion of Clemson Athletics.

Priority for courts will be given to both Clemson tennis programs, including visiting tennis teams at all times AND court availability is subject to change.

Who Can Play?

Only paid license holders may have access to the Facility. Guests are prohibited.



Clemson Athletics reserves the right to institute or modify rules regarding use of the Facility at any time.  For the safety and security of all, license holders are required to check in with their access card upon arrival.  YOU MUST HAVE YOUR ACCESS CARD TO BE ADMITTED.

The use of foul language, abusive language, inappropriate behavior, alcohol, drugs, tobacco, smokeless tobacco, E-cigarettes or weapons of any kind ARE STRICTLY PROHIBITED.

Facility Access


Food/Beverage Policy

No outside food or drinks permitted

Violations of any of the above stated rules will result in immediate forfeiture of access (No Refunds).