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Howard’s Rock Case Damage

Howard’s Rock Case Damage

CLEMSON – Early Wednesday morning at approximately 6 a.m., the case protecting Howard’s Rock was vandalized by an unknown individual. Clemson University Police are investigating the incident.

The damage was reported by construction crew members working on renovations to the suite and club levels of the stadium. Police were immediately notified, and the investigation continues. Damage was limited to the glass case protecting the storied rock, one of several security measures put in place following vandalism which occurred in June 2013. The pedestal upon which Howard’s Rock is attached was not damaged.

Clemson has removed the Rock and its pedestal from its permanent location atop the hill in the east end zone to secure it until a replacement covering is available.

“Howard’s Rock is a very important and visible part of our campus and our stadium, and we know many students, alumni and fans come to see it throughout the year,” director of athletics Dan Radakovich said. “We’ll work to quickly have it back in its home and available for all to see as quickly as possible.”