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Hobbs Becoming a Legitimate Rebounding Force

Hobbs Becoming a Legitimate Rebounding Force

Jan. 23, 2001

Clemson freshman Chris Hobbs has taken over the team lead in total rebounds this year with 109. He had 13 at Wake Forest, his second highest total of the year. He had 15 in a game against The Citadel earlier this year. He has jumped ahead of Adam Allenspach in terms of total rebounds, but Allenspach, limited by a back injury, still has the per game lead.

Hobbs has been on a rebounding surge of late, he has led Clemson in that area in four of the last five games, all against ACC competition. He is now averaging 8.6 rebounds per league game and that ranks fourth in the conference. Only Terence Morris (10.5), Travis Watson (9.2) and Lonny Baxter (9.0) are ahead of him in conference play. It is interesting to note that he does not have a large lead over the next best freshman. Michael Joiner of Florida State, another rookie, is at 8.2 rebounds per game in conference play.

How productive has Hobbs been when it comes to carom collecting? When comparing Hobbs against the great Clemson rebounders in history his freshman rebounds per minute figure stands second only to Tree Rollins. Rollins grabbed a rebound every 2.52 minutes his freshman season (1973-74), while Hobbs gets one every 2.65 minutes. Hobbs is ahead of the freshman pace set by such greats as Dale Davis, Elden Campbell, Horace Grant, Sharone Wright and Larry Nance.

His father, Greg Hobbs, is a videographer for Duke Medical Center. In his spare time, he has served as a videographer for Coach Mike Krzyzewski’s television show. Many times Chris tagged a long to watch the game. Both of his parents are North Carolina graduates.

Clemson’s Best Rebounds/Minute by Freshmen

Player Year Min Reb Min/R

Tree Rollins 1973-74 795 316 2.52 Chris Hobbs 2000-01289 109 2.65 Dale Davis 1987-88 714 223 3.20 Sharone Wright 1991-92747 227 3.29 Larry Nance 1977-78 273 78 3.50 Elden Campbell 1986-87534 126 4.24 Horace Grant 1983-84 551 129 4.27