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Helicopter Helps Drying of Grass Lots

Helicopter Helps Drying of Grass Lots

After two straight Saturdays with substantial rain, several grass parking lots on Clemson’s campus look quite a bit worse for wear. With a third-straight home game upcoming on Saturday, the athletic department is pulling out all the stops to get the lots into usable shape.

On Wednesday, the department utilized the services of a helicopter to push standing water and blow wet areas in Lots 1, 2, 13 and 14. The use of the helo, recommended by grass turf professionals, is the latest in a week-long effort to dry the fields.

Clemson will continue to work the fields on Thursday and a meeting on Friday will determine what if any adjustments need to be made. Any changes will be announced Friday afternoon both on and via direct email to patrons with passes to park in effected areas.