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Dec 08, 2023

Gymnastics 101

Learn all about the sport of gymnastics and come out to support your Tigers!


  • Each “event” – vault, bars, beam, floor. The home team always starts on vault.


  • Six athletes compete on each event and the highest FIVE scores count, meaning teams get to drop the lowest score on each event. Those FIVE scores are added together for a team’s combined event score and then all four event scores add up to the team’s final score. 

  • Start value is the starting score that the judges will take deductions from. On bars, beam and floor, gymnasts start from a 9.4 and 0.6 or more worth of bonus is added to the routine to make it start from a 10.0.

  • During a routine, the judges will take deductions throughout the routine for flaws in the execution of the skills. Execution is the form or technique of a skill. Things like steps on landings or flexed feet can range from .05-.3 off, depending on the severity of the mistake.

  • Vault is a little different since there isn’t a routine but just one skill performed. On the event, each vault has a specific start value depending on the difficulty of the move. Most of the vaults you’ll see at a given collegiate gymnastics meet start from a 9.95, but more difficult vaults start from a 10.0.


All-arounder: A gymnast who competes on all four events
Hit: When a gymnast performs a routine well and provides a usable score
Rotation: When all gymnasts compete on one event (think: inning or quarter)
Salute: The official start and end of a routine
Specialist: A gymnast who competes on three or fewer events. Commonly referred to as a “(insert event here) specialist.”
Stick: A landing that is fully controlled with no extra steps or movement once the gymnast’s feet hit the ground.