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Aug 01, 2018

Golf Cart Rentals

For Clemson Invitational spectators wishing to rent a golf cart to assist with tournament viewing, it is strongly recommended that reservations be made prior to the tournament start, as rentals at the tournament cannot be assured without reservations.

Spectators with specific team affiliations should request cart reservations through the coach of their respective team, who will transmit that request to the Clemson University coach.

Upon arrival at the Orchard House for the tournament, those with golf cart reservations should visit the Clemson Tournament Information desk to obtain a cart certificate. That certificate should then be presented to the Reserve Golf staff to acquiring a cart. It will be the responsibility of individual renting the cart to return that cart to a golf staff representative.

There may also be a limited number of golf carts that can be rented on a walk-in basis at the tournament.  Spectators wishing to do so should check at the Clemson Information Desk on the veranda of the Orchard Clubhouse to determine availability.

The Reserve at Lake Keowee golf course is routed through hilly terrain and contains many steep grades and curves. All cart operators should exercise care, caution, and maintain safe speeds in all cart operations.

Spectators should also be aware that to assist with the speed of play there will be multiple locations on the course where competitors will be shuttled from point to point on the golf course. These carts will not be available to assist spectators as they are dedicated to tournament operations.