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Get To Know Ally Gamble

Get To Know Ally Gamble

Q&A with volleyball’s redshirt freshman Ally Gamble

What is your favorite emoji and why?The laughing emoji. I seem to use that one a lot because my friends are really funny and I am constantly laughing.

What is your favorite TV show?This changes all the time but I would have to say right now my favorite is The Bachelorette.

What is your favorite movie?Sisters. It kept me laughing the whole time!

If you were a color, what color would you be?I would say a light blue because it reminds me of being on the water or at the beach.

If someone made a movie about you, who would play your character?Anna Kendrick. I love her strong personality and how she has a little sass.

If you could be any professional athlete or celebrity, who would you be?I would have to say Kendra Scott who is basically a celebrity in my hometown. She is a jewelry designer and business woman out of Austin, TX and has built the Kendra Scott brand from nothing to now having stores across the nation and internationally. Plus I wear her jewelry all the time!

If you could play any sport professionally other than volleyball, which sport would it be?Probably tennis. I used to play it but chose to play volleyball instead. I always love watching the grand slams.

What’s one thing that set Clemson apart from the rest of the schools you visited?Clemson just had a beautiful campus, the lake especially blew me away!

What will wearing the paw mean to you?Being apart of the Clemson family and all of the tradition and excellent academics and athletics that comes with it.

What will you bring to the team this year?A great attitude and work ethic. I will always put the team first.