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Apr 10, 2024

Volleyball Announces New Fund: ACEs Club

CLEMSON, S.C. – The Clemson Volleyball program, in collaboration with IPTAY, has announced a new fundraising initiative for Head Coach Jackie Simpson Kirr’s program, the ACEs Club. To join the initiative and learn more about the ACEs Club, fans can visit, email or call 1-800-CLEMSON (1-800-253-6766).

The mission of Volleyball’s ACEs Club is to elevate Clemson Volleyball and set the team up for success. A membership with the ACEs Club, which stands for Advancing Clemson Excellence, plays a vital role in empowering the volleyball student-athletes to Own Today.

Joining the ACEs Club allows fans to join the team behind our team in the journey to greatness by rallying behind Clemson Volleyball in its relentless pursuit of excellence. An ACEs Club commitment ensures that every serve, match and triumph mirrors the spirit of the Clemson Tigers. Whether a contribution is as an ACEs Ambassador or through other giving levels, the impact resonates both on and off the court, fueling the success of Clemson Volleyball.

There are six different levels ranging from ‘First Serve’ all the way up to ‘ACEs Ambassador.’ A ‘First Serve’ contributor begins with a $100 donation and lays the foundation for empowering Clemson Volleyball student-athletes. A $250 donation moves a contributor into the ‘Setters Circle,’ which plays a pivotal role in setting the stage for success of the volleyball student-athletes.

Join the ‘Block Party’ in the third tier with a $500 contribution to the program. This level allows fans to create a lasting difference and make a significant impact in fostering success. The fourth tier allows fans to raise their influence and further amplifies volleyball’s success. With a $1,500 contribution, donors join the ‘Match Point’ level. Donors elevate into an ‘Own Today’ elite supporter with a $3,000+ contribution that empowers the volleyball student-athletes to embrace every triumph, making a meaningful different with the team.

The ‘ACEs Ambassador’ status is reached achieved by contributing a volleyball specific major gift with IPTAY. This exclusive tier recognizes a donor as a pivotal player in sustaining the team’s achievements, both on and off the court. The commitment ensures a lasting legacy of excellence in volleyball. Fans can join this level by reaching directly out to Lauren Gaulin, Director of IPTAY Major Gifts, at

Each level of contribution has different level of rewards tied to it (see comprehensive list of donation level and rewards below). For more information and to join the ACEs Club today, fans can visit

First Serve$100ACEs Club Notebook and Quarterly Newsletter
Setters Circle$250ACEs Club Notebook, Quarterly Newsletter, and Water Bottle
Block Party$500ACEs Club Notebook, Quarterly Newsletter, Water Bottle, Two (2) Early Game Access Passes, and One (1) Live Stream Practice
Match Point$1500ACEs Club Notebook, Quarterly Newsletter, Water Bottle, Four (4) Early Game Access Passes, One (1) Live Stream Practice, Quarter Zip, and One (1) Fall Team Meet and Greet
Own Today$3000+ACEs Club Notebook, Quarterly Newsletter, Water Bottle, Four (4) Early Game Access Passes, One (1) Live Stream Practice, Quarter Zip, One (1) Fall Team Meet and Greet, and One (1) Pre-Match Meal and Film Session
ACEs AmbassadorVolleyball-Specific Major Gift (Contact Lauren Gaulin information to be provided by Lauren.

Clemson Volleyball looks forward to opening the ACEs Club Lounge in Jervey Gym during the 2025 volleyball season. ACEs Club Members at our highest giving tiers will receive the first opportunity to experience the ACEs Club Lounge in 2025.

Please note: Fulfilment of donation-related benefits is subject to NCAA compliance rules.