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General Public/Non-Placard Football Parking Information

Sept. 1, 2008

Aside from the 15,000 parking spaces that are assigned to IPTAY donors each year, there is a large group of fans that attend football games in Clemson that do not have a parking placard. If you are coming to Clemson for the football games and don’t have an IPTAY assigned space please read the following information.

Football General Parking Map

If you are coming to a Clemson football game and you do not have an IPTAY assigned placard please follow all signs and directions from State Hwy Patrol and other law enforcement officers. Please use the following information when planning your trip to Clemson and the best route to follow to your parking location.

Coming from:

Oconee County (Seneca, SC) on Hwy 123: YMCA Follow Hwy 123 to the Hwy 93 exit. Stay in the far right lane and follow the patrolman’s directions into the YMCA parking lot. This parking lot is $10 per car and provides a free shuttle to the game.

Greenville on Hwy 123: Douthit Hills (off Hwy 93 near President’s house) Follow Hwy 123 to Hwy 93 exit towards Clemson. Follow Hwy 93 to the intersection of Hwy 93 and Cherry Rd. Turn right at the traffic signal and then right again to the stop sign. Douthit Hills is an old housing area so the streets and available parking is a series of roads, flat grass areas and cul-de-sacs.

Anderson, SC from I-85 on Hwy 76: R1, Kite Hill and Lightsey Bridge and areas off of Old Stadium Rd (near golf course) Follow Hwy 76 towards Clemson. Follow the patrolman’s directions to either Old Stone Church Rd or Perimeter Rd. On Perimeter Rd you will be directed to Kite Hill, Lightsey Bridge or the R1 student parking lot. These are all right turns off of Perimeter Rd. It is important to follow the direction of the Highway Patrol as they are simultaneously parking 5 non-IPTAY parking lots off of Perimeter Rd and need to get you off the road as quickly as possible to avoid traffic delays that could lead to accidents.

There is no non-IPTAY parking past the YMCA. If you are coming from this direction to the game you will be directed into this lot. There is also no non-IPTAY parking past the intersection of Perimeter and Cherry Rd at the Brooks Center. If you are on Perimeter Rd you will be directed into one of these lots along Perimeter Rd.

Please be advised that stopping to speak to a Highway Patrolman slows down traffic and prevents backups as much as 7 miles along Hwy 76. If you are coming to the football game we encourage you to pull into the lot as directed.

Please follow the pedestrian traffic directions on the map below. Parking and walking along Perimeter Rd is a safety issue and should be avoided using the orange colored dashes on the map as your guide to and from the stadium.