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Game 3: Connecticut vs. Sacred Heart – Postgame Quotes

June 4, 2011


Head Coach Jim Penders “The first inning had me concerned and then we got that opposite field double from Mike Nemeth here to get us going and Billy hit that two-out RBI to get us some runs which was huge in the second inning. We had a similar situation yesterday and didn’t get it done, today we had another situation with the bases loaded and he finds a way to get on top of the baseball. We talked about getting on top of the ball, that kid has a ton of fly outs and not many groundouts on the year so we wanted to make sure we hit the top out of that baseball to the opposite field and those two guys got it going. It was critical for us to get out ahead and put up a number as quick as we could. Butler hadn’t pitched in a long time and he struggled at first but he settled in and got a couple of double play balls. I thought we played much better defensively, and offensively certainly.”

On putting loss behind you: “For us you have to turn the page. You have to have a short memory in baseball and I told these guys yesterday we had a bunch of guys on this team that came out and didn’t want to go home just yet. We fought hard to get another crack at Coastal or Clemson tomorrow.”

On Sacred Heart: “I have a ton of respect for their program and the way that they do things. It just epitomizes their fight today when Schifano (M.J.) ran hard in the ninth inning there. It would have been very easy to shut down and give into that double play there and the kid had a dirty uniform running it out. Their whole team is full of competitors.”

Left Fielder Billy FerriterOn at-bat in second inning: “It was the same situation as yesterday and I was too anxious, today I took a few pitches and got a ball I could hit.”

On getting a hit: “It was definitely comforting to get that first hit. I have been struggling and realized I just needed to relax and start hitting some better pitches. I think it rallied the team a little bit.”

First Baseman Mike NemethOn being in same situation as last season: “I think it is a lot of just knowing that you were there once and just trying to make changes. We still don’t know who it will be yet, it could be a team we haven’t seen yet or it could be Coastal so we just have to take everything we have learned from situations in the past and use it to our advantage. It helps to have a lot of guys that were in that situation and knew how it felt last year. I think it adds a degree of comfort.”

Third Baseman Ryan FullerOn feeding off of teammates: “When people get going it makes everybody else’s job a little bit easier. It doesn’t really matter who you play at this time of the year you just have to play as well as you can and not get carried away.”

On defense: “It was good that we turned a lot of double plays when we needed to and hopefully we can keep that going tomorrow.”


Head Coach Nick Giaquinto “It is an emotional time right now losing these guys here and a few other seniors who have played hard for four years. First I want to thank everyone at Clemson for the hospitality. It has been great.”

“It did not turn out like we planned. We came down here with a goal to win the tournament, a lofty goal. We knew we were the underdog. We are all a little disappointed we did not play a little better and compete a little bit more. I am proud of the way the guys prepared and were ready to go.”

On Connecticut’s chances: “I think UCONN has a great chance. They have 42 wins now and they have been doing that for a few years now, putting together some great seasons. They definitely have the ability and potential to win a couple of more games down here.

On experience of playing in NCAA Tournament:

Pitcher Robbie Maguire “This was a great season and probably the best team I have ever played on. I am really upset we are losing all of these seniors–that really gets me emotional. I’m very confident we will take this experience into next season and come back here again.”

Center Fielder Steve Tedesco “Obviously you want to play better, so you are a little disappointed in that aspect. But it has been great. Last night was a great experience, playing in front of the Clemson fans and playing against one of the top teams in the nation. It is an experience I will never forget. I am grateful, fortunate and blessed to be in this position.”

Left Fielder J.J. Edwards “I don’t think there is a better way to go out than to go to a regional with some guys that have been together five and four years. It is not the way we wanted it to end. We would have liked a couple of wins. To get here and see this atmosphere, hopefully it will leave a bitter taste in the younger guy’s mouths to want to come back and do it again. As a senior I am happy to go out going to a regional.”